Monday, September 01, 2014


Last Tuesday, Fiona turned one year old! What a great year we've had.

(I don't think I ever posted her 11 month photo here, but that's it in the top right corner!)

Anyway, this past weekend mom & dad came for a visit so we waited until they were here to have Fiona's first birthday party. Of course I did a farm theme for my little farm girl! It was family and a few friends over for lunch and cake, although when your family adds up to 17 people, there is no hope in keeping it a small affair! 

Two cute one year olds!

Fiona is such a joy to me and Dan. I feel very fortunate to have such a happy girl to spend my days with. She loves looking at books, just turning the pages and talking to herself (obviously reading them). She is a little trickster and loves to play peek and chase. She knows she is funny and does things just to make us laugh, blowing raspberries or giving kisses through the stair railing. She also loves to wrestle with us on the floor, and has a fun game of pushing my face towards Dan's so that we kiss, which she thinks is hilarious. Fiona loves other kids, especially her cousins, and loves to play with them and be involved in whatever they are doing. She is very observant and notices things even I don't register. I hung up a Happy Birthday banner for her party during her nap, and when we came downstairs she pointed at it (as best a baby can point, anyway) and expressed her delight at this colorful and fun sign! She also loves balloons, (what is it with kids and balloons?) so we made sure to have one at her party.

Fiona with her favorite person ever, and Papa! 

I am still nursing Fiona during the day, usually about 4 times. Recently Fiona learned how to sign "milk" so all day long she shows me milk milk milk! And then the sign for "more" so it's like "Chop chop mom! Milk! Now!" I think she uses it as a sign that is all encompassing and sometimes only means pay attention to me or look what I can do! She's a great eater too, and is pretty willing to try whatever we put in front of her. Her latest favorite is lasagna, gobbling up an entire plateful in about 5 minutes. 

Fiona is not walking yet, although does like to hold on to our hands and take steps forward on her tip toes. She is also busy circumnavigating all our furniture all day long, once in a while remembering that cupboard doors must be opened, and drawers must be emptied of all their contents. 

No real words yet either, but lots of sounds. Fiona does say "dadada", especially if you ask her to say mama, and sometimes says "baaa". She also can roar like a lion, which is more like a throat growl, and as hilarious and as cute as it sounds. 

What a light in our lives! Happy Birthday, Poparoo.


  1. hillary11:06 PM

    What a precious little girl. Loved reading all that she can do! She is great!

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Thanks Erica for a great weekend. We sure had fun. Fiona is almost more than I can handle.... love her. love her. love you too, mom