Sunday, June 29, 2014

Double Digits

Our sweet and joyful little babu turned 10 months old this past Thursday. There have been some huge milestones in her tenth month! She can crawl faster than I can catch her, pull herself up with total ease, and has started to walk along our furniture. One day she discovered the bottom step on the stairs and the next day climbed right to the top. The day after that we got a gate. Fiona is happier than ever these days, exploring our house, playing games (peek-a-boo is a favorite with chase being a close second), wrestling her daddy and growing and eating like a champ. Heat registers and cords continue to be sought after commodities, along with the dvd player disc tray which slides out, and the fire extinguisher that we store in our walk-in pantry.

A path of destruction follows Fiona around our house. There are frequently frying pans and kitchen towels and Tupperware containers dislodged from the oven drawer and kitchen cabinets and strewn about. There is a photo album ripped to shreds in the downstairs bedroom. Bathroom doors need to be kept closed to prevent upended garbage cans and toilet paper un-rolling. (And, let's be honest, toilet seat licking. She just NEEDS to put everything in her mouth. It's gross.)

Fiona is so pleased with herself when she learns something new, and also when she deliberately does something she knows she shouldn't (like biting and pinching me). It's amazing to see how devious she can be at only 10 months, and while I fear for the day she can use words to express her defiance, I can't help but be reminded of 1, God's grace, and 2, that she is JUST LIKE ME.

Our kid brings such delight to our lives. And she's pretty stinkin' cute, which doesn't hurt either!


  1. Hillary11:14 AM

    Love this little girl and all she can do! She really is amazing!

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Love her to pieces. She sure keeps you going.... I wonder what that's like? ;)

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