Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Half Birthday Baby

Oh look, ANOTHER post with mainly pictures of my baby! Good thing she's cute.

Fiona is a 6 months old today. It simultaneously feels like she just got here, and has been around forever. Is the rest of her baby and childhood going to go like this too? Probably!

Anyway, we had our monthly photo shoot this morning. Dang my baby is cute!

We also celebrated last night with Matt, Kori and the kids, because Evie had her half-birthday too! Just a couple of staring babies, sitting with an ice cream cake! Oh these two cute cousins crack me up!

And a few more because I just can't resist:

6 month favorites:
  • Daddy still tops this list!
  • "The Grand Old Duke of York" especially while jumping
  • Books (mostly chewing them)
  • being tossed in the air
  • Raspberries on her bare tummy

What a kid. Love her to pieces.

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I just looked at these pics again tonight... so. darn. cute.