Friday, August 09, 2013

Maternity Leave Report: Week 1

Well, week 1 of mat leave hasn't disappointed!

My daily schedule looks like this:

Just kidding! I have been doing a few things around home and in preparing for this imminent arrival. I know I do better with some kind of plan, so I have been trying to have something to do/go to each day, as well as rest or nap or read or do whatever I want at home.

This week, in addition to my usual chores & errands, I packed a diaper bag (including THE smallest/cutest soothers you have ever laid eyes on), made a couple of lasagnas for the freezer, worked on a baby blanket, and got a massage (saving that gift card REALLY paid off!).

This morning I made some muffins, and have the company of Johnny. This afternoon is looking like a great time for a nap on my screen porch!

Happy Friday, all!

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