Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lists & Projects

I've been keeping myself busy lately with never-ending projects! It's been fun to knock some off the old to-do list, and with this glorious weather we're having, it's easy to NOT sit on the couch and get something done instead! Although Sunday was a perfect example of not doing things - a lunch BBQ with friends and enjoying their gloriously shaded backyard, and then a backyard weenie roast with the Wall fam pretty much equals a perfect "summer" day. But when Monday rolled around it was back to all projects all the time!

So what I have I been working on?

1. Yard Stuff
Dan & I made a list of Spring projects we want to at least make a start on. When you throw in regular yard maintenance, it can be a bit intimidating, but with warm weather and longer days we try to tackle these projects in small chunks. Usually we start with 30 minute increments and then keep going if we feel like it.

2. Baby Room Stuff
I'm about 85% done the curtains I'm making. One seam at a time, it feels like!

3. Super Secret Outdoor Project
This one is my most thrilling project that I cannot wait to complete! It's going to make all my summer dreams come true, which I why I am so excited about it!

4. Oh yeah I'm going to Costa Rica
This project is more like "try on all my summer clothes (not fitting!!) and acquire some more and also remember that I'm leaving in 2 weeks!"

5. Find Clothes that Fit
This obviously ties in to the above point, and it's also been hot here. So I've been wearing a lot of skirts, and hitting up the thrift stores, and borrowing some things from not-pregnant-right-now friends. Cute shorts are seemingly impossible to find, so it may be time to make another trip to the dreaded maternity store.

And while I'm making lists, here are some things I've spotted around the internet this week that I am liking:

1. I made this sweet potato salad this past week. Delish!

2. Thinking this pillow would look good in my living room...

3. I want to try this recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal

That's it for today! What's occupying your time lately? Any projects happening or new recipes being tested? 


  1. I hated shopping at maternity stores, they are mean and unhelpful!

  2. I had mostly good experiences at my maternity stores! I am sad you dread it b/c the clothes aren't as cute as you want? Or the staff are dumb? Mmm...occupying my time lately: thoughts of going back to work in less than 2 weeks. Thinking about quick and easy suppers during that transition. Crying about leaving Reid. I have no big projects on the go (do I ever?)....oh! I guess I am planning (in my head) Reid's first birthday party!