Wednesday, May 01, 2013

By Request

All two of you who read my blog requested an updated baby belly pic, so here she blows:

I am 24 weeks tomorrow, so that means (let me just google baby size compared to fruit...) Wallaby is as long as a cucumber. What the what? How can 14" of baby be in there???

I've been feeling great - just some restless nights, occasional back pain and stabbing heart pains (not cool, body), which I figure are all par for the course? Kid is moving around like crazy, except when Dan tries to feel it. As soon as he puts his hand on my belly, utter stillness. This baby is already teasing his Dad, and I love it! Dan & I have been pretty laid back about this pregnancy thus far - I even (dun dun DUN) opted to not to get the glucose tolerance test after my midwife laid it all out there in terms of the what and why of these tests and I decided that nope, I wasn't gonna bother. Commence your judgement of me NOW! That's not to say I don't want a healthy, happy pregnancy, and of course a healthy, happy, not enormous baby, but I can't say I am exactly at risk of developing gestational diabetes what with no family history and the diet & lifestyle I have....anyway. In the end it's not your decision, so if you think otherwise, you can just go away.

In other news, we've (I've) been plugging along on the nursery. I even made a terrible "before" video of the room, so look forward to that! The room was basically a catch-all room for 3 years, along with sometimes a room where I sewed things, so there is all kinds of crap in there. We haven't exactly cleaned it out yet, more like just shoved things around so they fit better, so there is still quite a bit of shuffling and moving things and acquiring items to do. In my defense, I did sell some chairs and a couple lamps on Craigslist in the name of clearing out that room, so that is at least something. Baby (ha!) steps, people.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek at the crib Dan & I set up the other night. Totally in love with it! Don't be deceived by the photo, all the other crap in the room is to the right and behind me. Oh yeah, I also made that Roman shade. Details to come as things move along!


  1. love it! it looks like such a cozy little spot for baby wall!!

  2. Looking good! I like your top. Have you switched to mat clothes? I think I remember you saying something about mat for the different each his own! My doctor never told me that anything was optional so I took them all. And 14" of baby already!! Ha ha, when Reid was born he was only 16"!! For some reason I find that very amusing. And you sprung for the crib - looks great. I hope you're happy with it! And love the roman blind, too!!

  3. Anonymous4:35 AM

    That looks like a nice crop of grass ready for harvest.
    Love you

  4. So cute. Love the shirt. And you too!

  5. Hillary5:27 AM

    I'm a dork and just said it was dad who commented when really it was me! I was looking at the above comment when I typed in my name!

  6. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Cute... nice... lovely!
    Love mom