Monday, April 22, 2013

Living Room Shuffle

There have been some living room updates afoot in our house! This shuffle has been a very long time in the making. About a year ago I ordered fabric to make curtains for the living room. (I ordered it last May....and finished my project last week!) Last summer Dan & I also had a new tv table made, and just before Christmas I got it sprayed at work. Our Christmas gift to each other was a new tv (which we bought only about two weeks ago). So yeah, we're not going at warp speed or anything over here. Anyway, here's what it looks like today:

We haven't made any major furniture changes other than the tv. Just re-arranged! And finished those blasted burlap curtains. (Which are a pain in the ass to make, but I am pleased with how they turned out!) 

I am really liking the arrangement so far. It's nice to sit in that corner chair and see the rest of our house and outside too. Much better than facing the corner and the tv all the time. We also like that now our living room doesn't scream TV! which it did before. Since we moved it you can't see it from the front door, which is so much better.

Here's the view from the other direction. I have been lobbying for a new rug (before baby comes! because EVERYTHING has to happen before then!) I still like the one we have, but since we switched the layout up a bit, now it looks to small (and is). So far I am undecided between this one and this one. Maybe neither is right, I don't know. Rugs are hard!

My favorite part of our new arrangement is now this little niche is more in view. Of course I have some updates I want to happen here too, but we'll get there eventually! Namely I'd like to paint the back wall behind the shelves. Not sure what colour yet, I just want to make it something fun and unexpected.

That's the latest & greatest at our house. What's going on at yours?


  1. Malorie8:20 PM

    Love the updates although I would like to see the updated belly picture. I ordered some frames from 'Be Filled' and got the email today that they are ready so I'm excited to get my family pictures on the wall. That is all that is new and exciting in the our house.

  2. I vote for rug #1, the more bluish one. I like the idea of painting the wall behind the shelves in the little nook...maybe a teal or something to go with the rug?!?! Or red...can't go wrong with red. Your house looks so nice and I so wish I could come and visit (and bring those PB/rice krispie things). Nothing much happening at our house. I did some laundry yesterday. Will probably do more today. That's about it. Oh! What Kobo do you have? I found a Kobo Touch on Kijiji for $60, basically brand new. I think I'm going for it! And I want a belly pic too!