Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I found this interesting, and just wanted to post it here for all to see! 

Top 5 facts About the BC Dairy Industry:

1. Canadian farmers receive $0 from the government. 
- American farmers are subsidized by the US government by about 50% to help cover the cost of things like labour, feed and irrigation.

2. Production costs in the US are lower than in Canada.
- It's warmer in the US than in Canada, so American farmers are able to take advantage of a longer growing season which helps lower their costs.

- Input costs such as land, feed, and irrigate are cheaper in the US.

3. Canadian milk is a high quality product.
- Unlike American dairy cows, the use of growth hormones is not permitted with Canadian dairy cows..
- The high level of quality of Canadian milk is guaranteed and standardized by a nation-wide program (Canadian Quality Milk program).

4. The price of milk in American border towns such as Bellingham and Detroit is deliberately lower because American retailers are using milk to attract customers into their stores.

5. Buying Canadian milk supports the local economy and creates employment.
- The BC dairy industry contributes over $1.2 billion to provincial GDP, to which dairy producers alone contribute $560 million.
- The dairy industry supports over 15,000 jobs such as farmers, vets, truck drivers and researchers.

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