Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Preparing, again.

A couple of weeks ago, Dan's brother & sister-in-law invited us over for dinner. We happily accepted, and at the end of evening they gave us a pack of diapers and washcloths, in preparation for our baby bundle on the way. It kind of hit me then, we have to PREPARE for this kid. Not that that is a chore, really, (not yet, anyway) but in the past couple weeks I have had some slightly panicky moments where I am a bit overwhelmed with all that's ahead in the next 6 months, not to mention all that comes AFTER this kid is a real kid. 

So in an effort to prepare ourselves slightly more, Dan & I went to what I call a Baby Warehouse. Capital B & W necessary. We went to look at some strollers, because online doesn't know everything (shocker!). Let's just say that there is more to know about strollers than I ever thought possible. We talked to a sales lady, and I kid you not, over an hour later, left with a glazed look in our eyes and no closer (further even, I would say!) to a lifetime commitment to a stroller. And it feels like it's almost got to be a lifetime commitment, because those things can cost as much as a car! For a stroller! In fact, the sales women even said that most couples shop longer for a stroller than they do for a vehicle. I for one hope not, because it took Dan over 8 months to actually find & purchase his truck! And thank goodness we went with one that can accommodate a car seat, because the day we actually signed for & purchased the truck was the day I officially found out I was pregnant. 

ANYWAY. I was taking mental stock of things I've got for this baby, and here's the rundown:
 - One (1) vintage animal poster print
 - One (1) whale bookends set
(This list isn't looking good so far, but hey, an awesome room is important to me too!)
 - Three (3) 0-3 month onesies
 - Two (2) 0-3 month sleepers
 - One (1) 0-3 month hoodie
 - One (1) 0-3 month sweatpants (that are white...this could be a mistake)
 - One (1) package of Pampers
 - One (1) package of washcloths
 - One (1) stuffed zebra

As a side note, I've been keeping these things in the closet in the room that will be the baby's, and because of the diapers, that closet smells so good! Like a clean and fresh baby! Forget Bounce sheets, get yourself a pack of diapers (or a clean & fresh baby) to freshen up those musty closets. Free spring cleaning tip from me to you!


  1. Hillary1:44 PM

    Well, you sound more prepared than us! We have a stroller and one (1) onsie that is for 12-18 months. Also, we have no closets, so I have no clue where to keep the two things we do have!
    I keep telling myself they don't really NEED very much.
    But it sounds like you are well on your way to being prepared...

  2. Good job researching strollers. I did not (not really) and regret our choice now. My friend has the Maxi Cosi car seat and stroller (the Foray, I think) and it's pretty sweet! I would have chosen that had I done more research. Now I don't think Josh will let me sell and re-purchase. Sob, sob. I'd like to say don't stress about it, but it's kind of important and you want to like what you end up spending the big bucks on. Onesies are sort of important, especially in summer...summer babies + a good swaddle is all you need. You go through more newborn dipes than you may think, so stock up. Unless you have a fatty, then you'll be onto Size 1 in no time. Lots of washcloths are good...we now use them for wiping snot and cleaning hands/face after mealtimes. I think I was un-prepared too (well, I guess a lot considering he was 6 wks early) but you can always run out and get what you want. And really, if you have the basics, you will survive the first bit. I look forward to hearing more about what you purchase!!

  3. Also, love the Knocked Up label.

  4. This is so awesome! Can't wait to meet Baby Wall in a few months!!

  5. I like how vintage animal poster is at the top of your list! Everything after that is less nessisary right? Yes. Except the bookends. I didt even go baby stuff shopping till a month before my due date, your doing good!

  6. Anonymous6:23 PM

    This is just too adorable. I bought you a Barbara Reid board book in the last school book order, so add that to your list!!


  7. Anonymous5:43 AM

    I love your list of things Erica.
    Julie is it the Welcome Baby book? So adorable.

    love mom

  8. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Hi Erica, Good start.....I think you will it work....just wait till you see your blankies! I am particularly worried about Hillary! 1 onesie in 12-18 months size?? Hillarious! Just kidding! Guess we had better help her out eh? Wait till you see your blankies Hills!
    Auntie Rose