Friday, March 29, 2013

Nursery Plans

Sorry it's been all baby all the time around here. Actually, I am not sorry. Not at all!

I've been dreaming about the best and most fabulous nursery for ages. Way longer than I've been pregnant! I  have a hunch that might be the case for many women, so I guess there's no shame in it!

I've been secretly collecting ideas and a few little things for a couple months, and thought I'd share a few things here today.

1. Hudson Crib  2. Mandal Dresser  3. Turned Wood Pendant  4. Whale Bookend (from a local shop)  
8. Wall colour

Here's sort of what I'm thinking. I love that crib, but am not sure if I can justify the price tag on it. Might just go with an Ikea one and get it sprayed up at work. Oh, and you can add my animal poster to that combo above! I am also in the middle of DIY-ing a light fixture, so that one pictured above isn't going to be happening. Hopefully my project turns out, because it's even better! My other favorite part is the drapery fabric. Can't wait to order that fabric and get sewing. Just need to finish a couple other projects before I jump into that one!

Anyway, who knows if any of this will make it's way into baby's room, but it's fun to dream! I'll definitely give you a tour when baby actually lives there!


  1. check out the last time I checked they had lots of mod looking cribs in the grey colour you're looking for... can get it shipped to ship happens :) Just a thought... but spraying the ikea one is a fantastic option too!! love it!

  2. Hillary11:08 AM

    I want that same crib..but feel the same way about the price! Looks like you have some good plans..can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be fabulous.

  3. I like all of those choices! Good idea to get a cheaper IKEA crib and then spray paint. You might be just as happy with the results and it would have been cheaper, too! I am eager to see your light project! Will you do romans for window dressing? Are you going to make them yourself or order from Tonic Living like you did for the kitchen? Make sure you get something room darkening...which I'm sure you've already thought about. During the day I keep the curtains open so that Reid doesn't NEED a pitch black room to fall asleep, but for night time it's nice to have it darker, especially now that the days are longer and it's still bright out when he goes to bed. Nice to differentiate at bedtime.