Friday, March 29, 2013

Nursery Plans

Sorry it's been all baby all the time around here. Actually, I am not sorry. Not at all!

I've been dreaming about the best and most fabulous nursery for ages. Way longer than I've been pregnant! I  have a hunch that might be the case for many women, so I guess there's no shame in it!

I've been secretly collecting ideas and a few little things for a couple months, and thought I'd share a few things here today.

1. Hudson Crib  2. Mandal Dresser  3. Turned Wood Pendant  4. Whale Bookend (from a local shop)  
8. Wall colour

Here's sort of what I'm thinking. I love that crib, but am not sure if I can justify the price tag on it. Might just go with an Ikea one and get it sprayed up at work. Oh, and you can add my animal poster to that combo above! I am also in the middle of DIY-ing a light fixture, so that one pictured above isn't going to be happening. Hopefully my project turns out, because it's even better! My other favorite part is the drapery fabric. Can't wait to order that fabric and get sewing. Just need to finish a couple other projects before I jump into that one!

Anyway, who knows if any of this will make it's way into baby's room, but it's fun to dream! I'll definitely give you a tour when baby actually lives there!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ultra Baby

Ultrasound pictures are all the same if it's not a baby you actually care about. Yes, wonder of new life and all that, but really, if you've seen one ultrasound picture, you've seen them all. UNTIL IT'S YOUR OWN BABY! Then it becomes more of a "show me everything! I'll watch this kid kick & squirm all day long!"

We got our first glimpse of Wallaby yesterday, at 18.5 weeks. And it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. As exciting as it was to see that little gomer, I was in complete awe of the technology that exists that allows us to actually SEE inside. It's amazing.

Here the gratuitous profile shot. I realize that no one but me may care about this (see first paragraph!), but whatever. You can exclaim over ONE more ultrasound pic, right?

Baby was nice and cooperative and even did some tricks, like sucking on it's fingers. Do you know how cute it is to see a tiny jaw & tongue moving around in there? Pretty freakin' awesome. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Preparing, again.

A couple of weeks ago, Dan's brother & sister-in-law invited us over for dinner. We happily accepted, and at the end of evening they gave us a pack of diapers and washcloths, in preparation for our baby bundle on the way. It kind of hit me then, we have to PREPARE for this kid. Not that that is a chore, really, (not yet, anyway) but in the past couple weeks I have had some slightly panicky moments where I am a bit overwhelmed with all that's ahead in the next 6 months, not to mention all that comes AFTER this kid is a real kid. 

So in an effort to prepare ourselves slightly more, Dan & I went to what I call a Baby Warehouse. Capital B & W necessary. We went to look at some strollers, because online doesn't know everything (shocker!). Let's just say that there is more to know about strollers than I ever thought possible. We talked to a sales lady, and I kid you not, over an hour later, left with a glazed look in our eyes and no closer (further even, I would say!) to a lifetime commitment to a stroller. And it feels like it's almost got to be a lifetime commitment, because those things can cost as much as a car! For a stroller! In fact, the sales women even said that most couples shop longer for a stroller than they do for a vehicle. I for one hope not, because it took Dan over 8 months to actually find & purchase his truck! And thank goodness we went with one that can accommodate a car seat, because the day we actually signed for & purchased the truck was the day I officially found out I was pregnant. 

ANYWAY. I was taking mental stock of things I've got for this baby, and here's the rundown:
 - One (1) vintage animal poster print
 - One (1) whale bookends set
(This list isn't looking good so far, but hey, an awesome room is important to me too!)
 - Three (3) 0-3 month onesies
 - Two (2) 0-3 month sleepers
 - One (1) 0-3 month hoodie
 - One (1) 0-3 month sweatpants (that are white...this could be a mistake)
 - One (1) package of Pampers
 - One (1) package of washcloths
 - One (1) stuffed zebra

As a side note, I've been keeping these things in the closet in the room that will be the baby's, and because of the diapers, that closet smells so good! Like a clean and fresh baby! Forget Bounce sheets, get yourself a pack of diapers (or a clean & fresh baby) to freshen up those musty closets. Free spring cleaning tip from me to you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soup's On

About a year ago (maybe more??!!), my parents were at our place visiting and I (as usual) hadn't really thought about food and what we were going to eat while they were here. Having neglected to do any sort of grocery shopping before they arrived, I had a pretty limited food selection in the house. My mom & I were able to russell up a pot of soup for lunch one day, and it's since become a go-to meal in our house. I actually even craved it in the early days of my pregnancy. I don't know why, the spices maybe??

Easy & delicious, here's the recipe for what I like to call

Fake Soup

You'll need:
 - carrot
 - onion
 - celery
 - any other aromatic veg that you've got in your fridge. Tonight I had some leftover bell peppers so chopped those up and added them.
 - Italian sausage, mild or spicy, whatever you like. I try to always stock up with a few packs of this when it's on sale. I like the un-sausaged version, but you can easily take the meat out of the casing if you can't find the sausage filling on it's own. 
 - chicken or veggie stock, your own or store bought
 - can of tomato soup (I accidentally opened mushroom soup once and used that instead, which turned out pretty good too!)
 - frozen corn or beans or peas. Whatever you have!

Chop up the aromatic veg and saute them in a bit of oil until soft. 
Add the sausage and stir around until browned. The beauty of using the Italian sausage is that it's already seasoned so deliciously, you don't need to add anything else unless you want to! 
Add the stock. I never measure, I just use whatever leftover in the fridge I have from some other meal. You can add a bit of water too to top 'er up to the amount you want. 
Add the canned soup and your frozen veggies. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes, or until you are ready to eat! 

If I am feeling ambitious, I'll make cornbread to go with this soup, but good old bread & butter is tasty too! 


Sunday, March 10, 2013


My trip to Costa Rica is just a couple months away! This is somewhat alarming to me as it hasn't really been at the forefront of my mind, what with baby fever and all. I am still planning on going on the trip, by the way. My doctor & I both have no concerns thus far, and Samaritan's Purse is fine with it too. The SP representative I talked to said something along the lines of the Christmas Child distribution trips are about the "cushiest mission trip you can go on", so that makes me feel better about it all! I have since found out where we'll be staying (a hotel that looks incredible!) and also learned of a group of all seniors that are going from a local church, so I am sure I'll be able to hack it too!

I am about 75% 80% done my fundraising for this trip. Thank you to all who have donated already, and if you are still thinking about it, do it! (Please!) Here is the link to the online donation page. All my fundraising needs to be done by April 25, so that's a few more weeks :)

I do have some updated prayer requests as well regarding this adventure. I am still nervous about not knowing anyone, but here area few more prayer items if you think of it:

 - I want to learn a little Spanish before I go. Sam's Purse sent this great little booklet of conversational Spanish which I have looked at a bit but nothing seems to really stick (other than very basic words). I forgot how to study long ago, so could use some prayer for a longer attention span and actually wanting to spend some time learning.

 - After our trip to Belize, where it was pretty hot, I got to thinking about how Costa Rica is even closer to the equator, AND it'll be the very end of May when I am there. I will also be about 6 months pregnant! I am not particularly worried about the combination of those things, but just want to be able to still participate in the things they have us do and not being so uncomfortable and hot that it's impossible.

I think that's it for now!

Over & out!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

15 weeks

Since we had a beautiful spring like day today, I thought we should take a photo...

15 weeks. I won't do this every week. Promise!

Friday, March 01, 2013


“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

― Zora Neale HurstonTheir Eyes Were Watching God


All the feeling of this post is exactly what's in my heart, too. Is it weird to refer to another's  thoughts & feelings toward the same experience? Since it's offspring we're talking about, maybe. But it still holds true. And besides, that post is much better written than anything I could come up with!

I came across the above quote a few months ago on another blog, and then googled it to find out where it came from. It resonated with me. I feel like I have had years of question asking. I realize I am not alone in that and that everyone, for one reason or another, experience years that don't make sense, that are full of unrest and sorrow and endless frustration. 

Only March, but I already feel overwhelming as though this is a year that answers. Finally. Thrillingly. Blessedly. 
Not just with a baby, but with other things too. 
With travelling and a mission trip. 
Cousins arriving on both sides of the family. 
I feel like things are happening inside of me.
Body & soul.