Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyday Life

I haven't been up to much lately - just getting through January, really. I don't love January. It seems so long and cold and there is nothing to look forward too. I like February for it's short length and my birthday and a long weekend, so I've just been biding time until the calendar flips over to February 1.

What else can I tell you?

Our little Glen Valley has been socked in with frozen fog for the last week. We miss the sun.

I am SO CLOSE to being done another chair project. This one I am doing for a friend, and while I am pleased with the results, I need to be done this project and get it out of my house! It's staring me down and mocking me every time I go upstairs. Which is everyday. I'll try to post a finished photo when the time comes. (This week perchance?)

I got a Kobo for Christmas! (Good old husband read the blog!) I've really been enjoying it and am glad to have it for my upcoming worldly adventures. 

Speaking of, our travel day can't come soon enough! Looking forward to sun, sand, and blue ocean. We're going here. We're flying a red eye and I've been looking for those U-shaped travel pillows without luck of finding them. Anyone seen any around somewhere? My only requirement is they aren't covered in that velour/fleece fabric. Yuck. I want the nylon-y ones.

What about you? Do you hate January as much as I do? What's getting you through the days? 


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Have you tried Amazon? They have everything!


    Jennifer :)

  2. I am thinking Bentley for your travel pillow. But fear they would only have the velour.

    I am so excited for your vacation...think of me while you're lying on the beach!

    Mom also got a Kobo and she likes it, I think. A bit to get used to, I suppose! Is it weird not holding the actual book? Not sure I could get used to it!

  3. Hillary8:55 AM

    I wrote a comment a few days ago, but it never posted. January is going so slow for me too! I am wondering what books you are going to be reading on our holiday?? Any suggestions?? Can't wait to play with you!