Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday Wears

I'm going to have to start repeating items now, because as per anyone's closet (right?) I have more tops than pants. Also, check out my casual leaning pose AND be aware that this shot only took me 12 tries!  I'm getting awesome at this self timer thing! Haha.

Shoes: Bare Traps Silver Flats (old, but other metallic flats here!)
Jeans: Banana Republic (of course) Dark Denim (bought last year I think?!)
Top: Banana Republic Printed Twist Tee 
(my goal was to purchase something that had mustard colour in it...this qualifies!)
(Also, since this top was from the factory store I can't find it online)


  1. Another winner! I agree, I have WAY more tops than pants. Is this a work outfit? What do you wear when you're just at home?

  2. Hillary9:05 AM

    I think this is an everyday outfit. Glad you achieved the mustard color...I'm still looking (or maybe just wanting it, but actually not trying to get it...) Looking good!