Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Art, Part 4

I follow Tommy Smythe on Facebook, and a couple weeks ago he posted a tea towel he'd designed for Ulster Weavers that was for sale at The Bay. (Here!). I thought it would make some great kitchen art, so I clicked & bought one.

Last weekend I took a trip to Ikea and bought a Ribba frame. I had to un-stitch the factory hems so it would fill the opening, but after that it fit perfectly! 

I hung it with 3M command strips and two hangers. I didn't want to damage the fridge gable by using a nail or hook. So far, so good! 

I like it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fringe Friday

One of my closet staples is a grey sweater. I have three. Today on the dreariest of Friday's (more to come, I am sure) I reached for this one I got in Palm Springs.

Shoes: These boots
Jeans: Banana Republic (go figure) Straight Leg Jeans (bought a couple years ago? Maybe last year?)
Top: Bootlegger Kismet Tank (I didn't get this in Palm Springs, but these tanks are one of my favorite basic pieces)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comfy Cozy

Today I kept standing too close to the camera, hence the cut off head. I was short on time this morning, so this is the best I could do! #selftimerfail

Top: Suzy Shier Navy & White Striped Top (old, and really need a new one!)
Cardigan: Anthropologie Argyle "Intarsia" Cardigan
(something else with mustard!)
And even though you can't (really) see them, I wore the same jeans and shoes as this day.

(I could not leave that cardigan in the store. When we went to feast our eyes at Anthro, the day was a bit cool and I just needed a sweater to wear in the air conditioned store. This was the first one I saw, but when I put it on I LOVED it! Since sometimes it's hard to justify buying anything in Anthro at full price, I put it on hold. I went back for it later in the day, and am glad I did!)

Wednesday Wears

I'm going to have to start repeating items now, because as per anyone's closet (right?) I have more tops than pants. Also, check out my casual leaning pose AND be aware that this shot only took me 12 tries!  I'm getting awesome at this self timer thing! Haha.

Shoes: Bare Traps Silver Flats (old, but other metallic flats here!)
Jeans: Banana Republic (of course) Dark Denim (bought last year I think?!)
Top: Banana Republic Printed Twist Tee 
(my goal was to purchase something that had mustard colour in it...this qualifies!)
(Also, since this top was from the factory store I can't find it online)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day & Night

What I wore out to dinner last night, and to church this morning:

Jeans: Banana Republic Dark Wash Skinny Bootcut
Top: Banana Republic Printed Shawl Collar Wrap Top 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thus begins the fashion show

Don't you love when the outfit you are wearing requires you to cut tags off of every item? Ah yes, thus begins my very own "fashion week" AKA things I bought in Palm Springs. 

Don't mind my weird hand. I was self timing this photo shoot and this was the best of about 36 photos. Haha! I'll coerce Dan to help me in the future...maybe.


Jeans: Banana Republic Jeans (BR Jeans are my FAVORITE EVER!)
Blazer: Guess Cropped Sleeve Blazer (similar styles here!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013: Southern Bound

I just got back from Palm Springs you guys. It was great, just not as hot as I would have liked! We shopped, ate, enjoyed the sun. As I wear my new wardrobe I'll fashion show it on the blog a la last year!

But I'm not posting about that today. I'm posting about two other upcoming adventures that I am getting excited about. Last week Dan & I went to update our vaccinations because we'll be doing some international travelling in the next 7 months.

First up, Belize. Oh man I can't wait! My family decided to skip out on Christmas in Canada this year and instead head to Belize for a week in February! This will be a totally new kind of holiday for 2/3 of my family (Dan & I have done a couple beach vacations before and enjoyed them). I'm excited!

Next, and more adventuresome I think, I will be going to Costa Rica in May! What??? You may have noticed that there are two new tabs up there at the top of this blog. One is called Operation Christmas Child, and one is called OCC Sponsorship Page . I am going to Costa Rica with Samaritan's Purse on one of their OCC Ambassador teams. Click over to one of those pages to find out more!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Cousins, Costumes & Stairs

Helen the Cow

Johnny the Puppy

Owen & Henry as Calvin & Hobbes

And some stairs slide action to make you smile....