Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I took your advice and bought some boots to solve my winter shoe dilemma.

I bought these ones, but in black. The black is more like a dark grey, which I like. (And now that I see the brown ones, I want those too!)

So far, so good. Comfortable, cute, and my feet aren't cold.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I love this song. And I am loving this cover even more. I can't imagine how long this took to make! Enjoy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lunch Lately

I just realized I've purchased 3 out of 4 lunches this week. This is not my usual. I am a pretty faithful "take the leftovers for lunch" kind of person. But I haven't been home much lately, which means I only cook supper maybe 1 or 2 nights per week. Doesn't leave much in the way of leftovers! And obviously, since I'm buying a lot of lunch, I am not eating great wonderful healthy food. (Although today I did buy a salad from a grocery store, so that's....better, right?) And since I'm buying food, I'm spending money. I'm not opposed to getting lunch out, but it can add up quick, so I try to bring my own lunch most of the time.

The worst part is I actually bought stuff specifically for lunch earlier this week and obviously didn't eat it. Granted, it was stuff like baby carrots and apples and Babybel cheese (which is all delicious), but I need something more than that to tide me over at work. Plus I hate sandwiches. I now know what my mother was faced with in making school lunch for me for 6 years straight!

So next week I am going to try to do better. Here's how:

 - Pack my lunch the night before. I usually already do this when I'm cleaning up supper. I was really lazy this week (and also, not home) so didn't do this at all except for on Monday, which also happens to be my day off. (Not a coincidence!).

 - Make supper that makes good lunch. Stir fry is the best. (Basically anything with rice makes a good lunch the next day.) Ribs do not make a good lunch the next day.Well, they do taste good, but are messy and hard to eat when you sit at the front desk.

What about you? Got any lunch suggestions for me?

(PS, here's one person's take Starbucks Thai Tuna Wrap - one of my go-to lunch out items!)

Recipe Here!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I got nothing....

Just wanted to check in and say that I have nothing to say....maybe next week!