Monday, September 10, 2012

When you turn 4, you bar-b-q.

Helen's 4th birthday was this past weekend. You know I crafted up something awesome! Here is it!

I followed this tutorial from Apartment Therapy. Super fun to make, inexpensive, and just TOO CUTE! I added on some dollar store accessories, since I couldn't find any play sized ones. 

And you can't play bar-b-que without some play meat! This part of the craft was a childhood flashback for me - plastic canvas! I made up the steak and the hamburger, but those sausages were beyond my imagination. (Thanks again for loaning the pattern books to me Auntie Rose!)

Burger please!

(Helen loved it, and so did John! And rave reviews from the family. It's a winner!)


  1. amazing-- you are the world's craftiest auntie :)

  2. Malorie10:07 AM

    Most people just run to Toys R' Us but not you...this was beyond anything I've seen. Good work to the queen of crafts.

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    WOW! You are the most amazing auntie ever. I cannot believe you made the little grill!! Love, love, love your ideas. Can you come and spend some time in kindergarten with me????


  4. Hillary8:04 PM

    This is so great! Love everything about it!

  5. I love this set! So realistic! I can see why the orders are coming in...more steak please?

  6. Love it!!! Oh yeah, plastic canvas food...looks delicious! No doubt Helen loved it...what a great idea!