Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hey business casual ladies! What kind of shoes do you wear to work in the cold weather months?

I am usually a flats wearing kind of girl, but when it starts to get rainy and gross and cold outside, I am kind of at a loss of what to put on my feet. I work in an office, so a lot of days I do wear flats anyway, but then my feet are always cold and lets face it, some of my recent footwear purchases are not at all comfortable! I do switch it up occasionally and wear riding style boots, but I can't do that everyday either - believe it or not, they start hurting my legs after a day of wear!

So! I'm trying to change that! Once again I'll be heading to Palm Springs in November (yahoo!) for our annual shopping trip, and this time I want to be prepared! In years past I've bought all kinds of shoe types thinking they'd be great for work in cold months, and then worn them about twice, deemed them ugly or uncomfortable (or both) and haven't touched them since. Unrelated side note: I have some size 9 shoes up for grabs.

What do you wear? Ankle boots? With or without a pointy toe? Slip on style something? Help a girl out!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes from Saturday (Evening)

We've been having an amazing September thus far. Warm sunny days, cool nights. 

Last night we had our annual weenie roast.
Perfect weather, great company, delicious food. 


Monday, September 10, 2012

When you turn 4, you bar-b-q.

Helen's 4th birthday was this past weekend. You know I crafted up something awesome! Here is it!

I followed this tutorial from Apartment Therapy. Super fun to make, inexpensive, and just TOO CUTE! I added on some dollar store accessories, since I couldn't find any play sized ones. 

And you can't play bar-b-que without some play meat! This part of the craft was a childhood flashback for me - plastic canvas! I made up the steak and the hamburger, but those sausages were beyond my imagination. (Thanks again for loaning the pattern books to me Auntie Rose!)

Burger please!

(Helen loved it, and so did John! And rave reviews from the family. It's a winner!)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Four Years of Awesome

I love being an Auntie.

Helen is turning 4 this week, and I've been thinking about when she was born and how exciting of a time that was. How does a tiny little baby bring such joy and wonder? It's amazing.

I realize it may be strange for me to write about her in this way, considering I am not her parent, but man, I love that kid something fierce!

On the day she was born, Dan's mom called me at work to say "It's a girl! They named her Helen!" I was SO excited to go meet this baby (and was also a little puzzled at her name - now I can't imagine her being anyone else! Good choice M&K!). I had no idea of the ocean of love I would have for her!

Our family went from 10 normal adults, to 10 normal adults who could only talk about this new little bundle. Seriously, I don't know what we did together or talked about before she was born! Not to say my nephews haven't also done this, but with Helen being the first, she wormed her way into everybody's heart and hasn't moved an inch since then! In the months before she was mobile, family get together's had Helen laying on the floor surrounded by adoring fans. Actually, even when she started to move she was surrounded by adoring fans, cheering her on and loving on her.

It has been so incredible to see her grow and learn and discover the world. She tells stories and uses logic and tries to reason her way into or out of anything. (It's pretty entertaining!). Her imagination is wild and girl can tell a joke and tease you right back. She most definitely has a mind of her own, colours in the lines and loves My Little Ponies. Carries cats around the farm, rocks the gumboots and shorts combo, and pretends she's a unicorn.

Pretty much the coolest 4 year old I know.

Happy Birthday Helenator. I love you.

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