Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barn Update!

Warning: This post has A LOT of teats in it. Just tellin' ya!

If you pay attention to me on facebook, you'll know that our cows moved into their new home yesterday! (Or, moooved). (I am so punny).
I think they are happy at their new location, although there is a huge learning curve for the cows, the workers and the robots as this transition takes place. Dan and his bros have been working some very long hours.I got my act together and took some photos (and videos) tonight!
1. Milk Jar! I love this great big glass jar that sits inside the robot housing (photo 2)
2. Robot brains! Those tubes go from the robot arm (which attaches to the cow) to the milk jar
3. Cow being milked

1. Juno feed pusher robot. This thing goes down the entire length of the feed alley pushing feed back toward the cows.
2. Robot arm about to attach to udder (photo taken from inside a robot room)
3. One of the milking robots
4. View from the outside in

Our cows also wear necklaces now, which the robot scans when they walk into the milking area. The chips in the necklaces access all the data on a cow - number, when they last were milked, how much milk they produce, all kinds of stuff! 

Here's our robotic feed pusher in action (kinda boring, but also AWESOME!):

And here's a cow being milked (sorry about the length, and also the shaky, grainy/out of focus-ness. I just learnt how to record video on the camera I've had for a year....and it was dark in there!...and I was crouching!):

(Song is Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk by Rufus Wainwright [why yes I did choose it because it had the word "milk"!])

The first round of robot milking was a long process, as I am sure you can imagine if you watched that whole thing and were disappointed every time the milker things didn't go on! The robots scan the teats and then by the power of technology know where to suction on! Pretty cool I think! Lots of learning left to do, but so far, so good, and thank goodness not every cow is such a...cow about getting hooked up.


  1. Hillary12:43 AM

    That is pretty cool! And now Dan can eat more and work less!!

  2. Wow, look at those teats! It's pretty amazing what technology can do! I like when the cow tries to kick the robot when it's attaching itself. So how many robots do you have, and how long does it take to milk every cow in the barn? Hours?

    1. I don't know how long it takes for all of them to go through. The point of all of this is that one day they'll go through on their own, whenever they want, 24/7.

    2. Oh yeah and there are 2 robots, and each one can handle about 60 cows per 24 hr period, in a normal operating case!

  3. Jenn Brooks7:54 AM

    This all amazes me!! Especially that feed pusher robot. Very cool!

  4. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Wow. I am sort of speechless. That is all pretty technologically amazing!!


  5. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Well, now I've seen everything....and that cow did make me quite mad!! Sure hope things are getting settled and the cows are on their best question is...How DO you teach a cow new tricks?
    I am most impressed with everything!
    auntie rose