Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flood Watch 2012!

Well, it's June once again, and that means the mighty Fraser river is on the brink of flooding! (Sort of!) If you have seen any news stories, you might be wondering how we are faring down in our Glen Valley.

Tonight the water levels are supposed to reach the 2007 levels (incidentally, the weekend Dan & I got married there was a flood watch on!) and this weekend the levels are supposed to fluctuate based on the tides.

We aren't too concerned, but if you do think of it, we would appreciate your prayers for safety and peace of mind.

Here are some photos that I took this afternoon when I got home from work:

This is the entrance to the park that is just down from our house. That ditch is maybe 4' deep.

So....I may have crossed the Do Not Cross line...Water water everywhere!

Flooded park path.

Park entrance again.

Hope we stay dry! (I think we will!)

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  1. Jeepers! Hope you stay dry too.