Friday, June 22, 2012

Favourite Party Redux

I had a party! It was fun! I didn't take (m)any photos, but did take these two just because I wanted to blog them! On my invitation I asked my guests bring a favorite appy or dessert to share, which worked out perfectly because my sister-in-laws made mini cheesecakes and chocolate chip cookies (both things I LOVE!) and my friend brought mini pies from Starbucks which were also amazing (I think I like anything mini!), and two other friends brought the best chip dip I've ever tasted and a strawberry trifle that had somehow had cream cheese in it! I did both an appy and a dessert - chips & dip (hummus, salsa & an artichoke/asiago dip) and candy. Haha! I love candy!

I spotted this idea on pinterest:

...and made my own:

I was actually quite pleased that these turned out so well. Sometimes things you see on the internet are incredibly misleading!

And of course I have to show you what my favourite thing ended up being:

Hens & Chicks! I love these things. You can't kill them, and they are so low kind of plant. I picked these up at a local nursery and potted them into terra cotta pots that I painted with craft paint. 
I love = hens & chicks + turquoise + crafts. 

I've also been loving the favourite things that my friends brought. They include lip balm, hairspray, earrings, nail polish, body spray & yogurt! 

We had a great time, and you will too if you ever have a party like this! 


  1. Erica, this is SUCH a fun idea!! When I saw you post about it earlier, I wanted to invite myself ;) So glad it was such a success. I think one of these days when my nose isn't constantly in a textbook, I will have to host one!

  2. Oh great! Glad you had your party and that it was such a success! Share more about what your friends' fav things were, OK? And I love hens and chicks too! Great idea and I'm sure they were well received!! Wish I could have come.

  3. Malorie6:04 PM

    I was curious to hear how this turned out and of course, you threw an epic party. Good job Erica, I wish I lived closer so I could have brought my favorite thing....hmmm what would I have brought. You are the best!

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Okay, I totally want to do this with my friends this summer.


  5. I also love hens & chicks! you are brilliant my friend!