Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party Inspiration

Sometimes, you need to celebrate for no other reason than it's good for the soul. To enjoy the company of wonderful people, have delicious food, visit & laugh & enjoy. My lovely friend Sharon & I were messaging about this very thing the other day; here's part of what she said:

"so many good ideas there [], so many recipes I want to try by I need an event or occasion to aim for. Maybe we could have a ladies brunch this summer with delicious dishes, sangria...pretty decorations and little prizes or something.....Anyone have a birthday or some cause to celebrate coming up that we could use as a reason to throw a party?"

And this got me thinking. And scouring Pinterest for ideas. Which led me to this post about a favorite things party and I was COMPLETELY inspired!! For those too lazy to click the link and read that other post, I will summarize here :)

Each person brings their favorite thing. It can be anything, favorite kitchen utensil, magazine, lipgloss, gift card to your favorite coffee place, ANYTHING! Except, it's got to be no more than $6. Each person brings 5 of the same thing. At the party, everyone draws 5 names and gifts their favorite thing to those 5 people. You leave with 5 new favorite things!

I just love this idea! And I think it's a great reason to throw a party! I can't wait! Now I just have to figure out what my favorite thing under $6 will be. I have a few ideas already :)


  1. Hillary6:17 PM

    Sounds fun! Wish I could come! My favorite thing would be a bag of piri piri chips (PC brand and delicious) or a newspaper and cup of coffee. Or maybe lip stuff, or my sulca brush for my gums. This is harder than I thought...

  2. I love this!!! What a terrific idea and I definitely want to do this one day. What will your favorite thing be? And I am eager to hear about what your friends bring too! I might bring a Dove Go Fresh body mist. Or a Nivea hydro lip chap, or the Nivea Strawberry lip gloss (which you can actually buy at Dollarama) - it gives you a nice red colour without it being a sticky gloss or lipstick!

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    codie would bring cheerios!! i would bring a bran muffin and a coffee! wish we could come too.

    amy and codie

    1. Hillary, Leah, Amy & Codie - I wish you could all come too! I haven't decided what my favorite thing will be yet....but I'm pretty sure! I'll post about it after the party!

    2. Codie might also bring her Jolly Jumper I think!