Thursday, May 31, 2012

Party Inspiration

Sometimes, you need to celebrate for no other reason than it's good for the soul. To enjoy the company of wonderful people, have delicious food, visit & laugh & enjoy. My lovely friend Sharon & I were messaging about this very thing the other day; here's part of what she said:

"so many good ideas there [], so many recipes I want to try by I need an event or occasion to aim for. Maybe we could have a ladies brunch this summer with delicious dishes, sangria...pretty decorations and little prizes or something.....Anyone have a birthday or some cause to celebrate coming up that we could use as a reason to throw a party?"

And this got me thinking. And scouring Pinterest for ideas. Which led me to this post about a favorite things party and I was COMPLETELY inspired!! For those too lazy to click the link and read that other post, I will summarize here :)

Each person brings their favorite thing. It can be anything, favorite kitchen utensil, magazine, lipgloss, gift card to your favorite coffee place, ANYTHING! Except, it's got to be no more than $6. Each person brings 5 of the same thing. At the party, everyone draws 5 names and gifts their favorite thing to those 5 people. You leave with 5 new favorite things!

I just love this idea! And I think it's a great reason to throw a party! I can't wait! Now I just have to figure out what my favorite thing under $6 will be. I have a few ideas already :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well, I am pleased to show you that now it looks like this!

I finished getting all that grass out of there a couple weeks ago, and Dan was kind enough to haul it away while I was in Palm Springs. Today we got a couple yards of garden soil and added that on. The plan is to put in a path next to the garage, which is why there is no garden soil there. Also, we ran out and need more. 
Our fun activity for tonight is to go to Home Depot and price out those big paving/garden path things. Plants still to come. The roses I got for free (which really was the catalyst in starting this project) are starting to bud & bloom, which is fun to see! All 13 of them will go in this bed somewhere! I know we are awesome. 

It's been a work-y kind of day around here. In addition to the above, I finally put some mulch under our Maple tree:

And edged around some existing beds: 

In the kitchen, pizza dough is doughing in the bread maker, blueberry platz for church potluck is platzing, and eggs are devilling. 

All in all, good day.  How about you?

The only down side is that my stinkin' washing machine still isn't fixed!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Before

I spent this past week in Palm Springs with my MIL, Rachel. We went to organize 3 total bathroom renovations at their Palm Desert home. (I also of course went for the sun, delicious food, general vacation time, heat, reading by the pool, sleeping in, and a bit of shopping!) I'm happy to report that I got all of those activities in! (The heat especially - it was high 30's to low/mid 40's all week [Celsius]!)

So, these bathrooms are complete gut jobs. Two of the bathrooms have carpet! Definitely time for an overhaul.We did a lot of running around - picking up tile samples, confirming vanity cabinet details, looking at fixtures, visiting a granite fabricator, picking paint chips, searching for sinks & bathtubs & toilets, oh my! 

Behold, the ugly bathrooms:


Upstairs. Yes, that is carpet!

Ensuite. More carpet.

And here are the overall schemes and stuff we picked out:

Downstairs Bathroom

Upstairs Bathroom


Can't wait to go back (maybe when it's not quite so hot there!) and see the finished bathrooms!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Ice Cream for Unicorns

Last night Unca Dan & I took this little unicorn out for ice cream. 
(Her unicorn name is Rainbow Dash, by the way).

Blue Ice Cream! With Sprinkles!

Three-year-olds are the most entertaining people in the world. 

I don't think I need to say again how much I love Helen, do I?!?