Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tutu Twirling

As I mentioned before, part of Helen's Easter basket was a tutu. I found these very simple instructions on how to make a tutu, and it could not have been easier! Fun & satisfying to make. I had some white tulle on hand, and then I picked up 6" wide spools of tulle in pink & green at Michaels.

Helen loved it!!

Things Helen said while wearing & playing:
"I have to practice my pirouette so it's perfect!"
"Chant my name! Helen! Helen! Helen!"
"Does the audience want to clap for me?"

Then she found the fairy wings, and everything got that much more adorable!

Meanwhile, John was content to play with a bucket on his head. (He liked the echo!)

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  1. Gotta love Helen and John!!! She sure did love her tutu, and it's so cute. I love all of the things she was saying, especially chanting her name!! I hope you did it with gusto! And John seems like a simple fellow, content with a bucket! Love them both! Happy Easter! Miss you and love you.