Saturday, April 28, 2012

San Francisco Treat

Did you guys know that Dan & I went to San Francisco last week? Well, we did! We flew out of Seattle last Saturday, and had a great time taking in The City by The Bay. Walked around, looked around, ate delicious food at every meal!

Before we left, we downloaded the San Francisco Trip Advisor App and the SF transit map, which was pretty much the smartest thing ever! Once we got a lay of the land (and figured out which ways were uphill and which down) we just would hop onto the Muni, and go wherever we wanted! Usually we rode uphill and walked down!

Some trip highlights were:
Alcatraz Island
Fascinating, interesting, and thought provoking. They have a fantastic audio tour of the cell house, which is really well done. We highly recommend going to Alcatraz if you ever travel to SF!

There are gorgeous gardens on Alcatraz Island. I loved the giant Hens & Chicks. Seriously, the size of your head!

 Biking across Golden Gate Bridge
We rented bikes and rode across, then had lunch in Sausalito and took the ferry back to SF. This is a total tourist trap, but it was really fun.

Lunch in beautiful Sausalito!

Pier 39
Fun just to walk around here, people watch, sea lion watch, eat ice cream, seafood, hot dogs, watch the bakers at Boudin make sourdough bread, catch the cable car.

We took the Cable Car to the top of Lombard Street, home to 8 hairpin turns in a 1 block stretch! (Yes, we may have mocked people taking photos of the street, even though we had just done the same!)

crocodile sourdough!

Visit the Balclutha
Dan & I happened to stumble upon this one day as we were heading toward the cable car stop. The Balclutha is a ship that is permanently docked at Hyde Street Pier. It had three careers as a cargo ship: shipping timber, then running supplies for the gold rush, then shipping salmon from Alaska. Inside, you can go all through the rooms and under the deck. They have cargo underneath, and exhibits and signs throughout that tell about the three careers the ship had. It was really interesting, and was free (and I knew my dad would like it!).

Painted Ladies
They are houses! Don't get too excited over there! I don't know why I liked this so much; I just did! We did a self-guided walking tour in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, and it brought us to Alamo Square, where you can see 6 gorgeous (and iconic) Victorian houses all in a row. If you ever watched Full House, you know exactly which houses I am referring to! Also Hayes Valley was a  cool neighborhood - full of boutiques and vintage shops. Dan & I stopped in a few furniture/home stores, admired everything, and merrily went on our way!

Eat. Food. Everywhere.
There are a ton of restaurants in SF, and we of course could only try a tiny fraction of them. Our hotel had continental breakfast, so we usually did one cheaper meal during the day, and one sit down/more expensive one. This is really where that Trip Advisor App came in handy! We'd look up restaurants that were nearby to wherever we were, read the reviews and either tried it or searched again! So, because this is my blog, and I can do what I want with it, I will now share with you our favorite restaurants and what we had! Feel free to skip ahead!

Fog Harbor Fish House - Clam Chowder & Crab Cakes
Tommy's Joynt - Sweet & Sour Ribs and Turkey Enchilada (this place was a bit of a dive, but it was right across the street from our hotel and the food was freakin' awesome! I could eat those ribs ALL THE TIME!)
Olive - Fish Tacos & Spicy Sausage pizza
Brenda's French Soul Food - Crawfish Beignets (so good), Shrimp & Grits, Fried Chicken
Olivo's - giant Burritos. (This place was nothing special atmosphere-wise, but the food was excellent and it was inexpensive!)

Another fun and unexpected part of our trip was that we got a room upgrade! Our first room was fine, but we asked it we could move since the adjacent room had a crying baby that kept waking us up at night. We got upgraded to a Junior Suite, which was a major improvement in both comfort and quality (and noise factor) from the first room. Sometimes it pays to complain!

We also went to Golden Gate park and went up to the 9th floor of the de Young museum, which gives a fantastic panoramic view of San Francisco. Another night we went to City Lights bookstore and browsed around there. We went on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour from Union Square, and while our tour guide was pretty good and did know stuff about the city, he mainly told us where expensive neighborhoods to eat & live in were! All in all, it was a really fun trip, and our 4 days of actually being there was just enough time for us. We saw what we wanted to see, did what we wanted to do, and were ready to come home at the end. (Also, our legs were tired from walking up & down all the hills!)


  1. I was just saying to Josh this afternoon that I'd like to go to San Fran! I did not know that you were just there - looks like an amazing trip! I love the Full House houses, Alcatraz, and the street with the hairpin turns. I love all of your photos.

  2. Looks amazing-- love the pictures! Can't wait to talk to you and hear all about it :)

  3. Malorie10:29 AM

    Glad to hear/see that you had a great time. Loved the food blog portion as I too love to eat good food.

  4. Hillary11:10 AM

    This is great and looks like you had lots of fun. Glad you could eat some good food cause we all know that is what makes a holiday!!

  5. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Wow! I wish I was a cool person like you. Then I would have a reason to blog. This sounds like such a fun getaway! I recognized the Full House scene before I read your description and had a little chuckle that's what it actually is! Hope you get to have many more adventures.