Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Projects To Cross Off The List

1. We got that shoe cabinet for the mudroom, so that's done! Hooray! We only had to go to one hardware store during the install of said cabinet. Our baseboard was too tall for the cabinet to clear, so we got some adjustable furniture feet and used those to add some height. Phew - glad that one worked out so easily!

2. My excruciatingly slow bedroom make-over got one step closer with the completion of my customized white duvet cover. I saw a lovely bedroom on one of the blogs I read, and used some of their ideas in my room. You can see two of those ideas in this photo. One is the long pillow across the bed, and the other is the striped duvet. Getting that stripe on was not easy!! I tried a couple different methods, but finally ended up unstitching part of each side seam so I could get my sewing machine arm in there!

That's my inspiration pic - I loved the long pillow, and the stripe around the edge of the duvet!

My next bedroom project will be sewing some curtains. I ordered fabric, and have my blackout fabric all ready to go. I just want one curtain to go across our windows, so Dan picked up some 1/2" electrical conduit for about $5, (way better than spending a couple hundred on an extra long curtain rod!!) so there will be no need for a bracket in the middle. I ordered enough fabric to cover the rake windows in our room too, I just have no idea how I'm going to do that!

This is my curtain fabric!

3. I finished Easter gifts for the small children! I know there is really no need to get my little people anything, but I just love them so!! Plus, I get so much pleasure from crafting & sewing little things for them, so why not, right? I don't want to spoil anything on here, (since some of their parents might be reading) but I am working on a sewing tutorial for part of what I made - hopefully I'll have that up soon! 

I think that's all I've completed lately! What about you? Any projects on the go? 

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  1. Great project completion Erica! Why does the shoe cabinet have to sit on the baseboard? Can you take some pictures with the doors open so I can see inside? I am so glad you figured the duvet cover out! It looks great, and I love the long pillow!!