Sunday, March 04, 2012

Live & Learn

I mentioned yesterday that I took a photography class this weekend. Last summer I bought a Groupon for this class, Oh Snap! Fort Langley Photowalk, taught by Lesley of Lesley Ann Photography.

It was a fairly basic class, but did give me some confidence to try new stuff and play around a bit. I have already been in the habit of using the aperture priority setting on my camera, but the information Lesley gave was more in depth and she did a great job explaining the whys and hows of beginner DSLR photography! 

Here are some abstract 'light paintings' I made with my camera. Don't worry, we also covered things like depth of field and taking photos of moving subjects, so hopefully soon I can show you some lovely photos of the lovely little people in my life!! So, now I've got to practice, practice, practice!! 

If you are looking for a photography class that covers some photography basics and helps you get to know your camera, I would recommend this class. For $45, you can't go wrong! 


  1. I like these abstract ones! The red and green one is my favorite.

  2. I love that you took a class!! And that you learned something! Your pictures are good, but they make me dizzy!! I will look forward to Helen/John/Owen/Henry pictures!!!