Sunday, March 25, 2012

Curtains, Part 1

I've been sewing, and measuring, and asking Dan to hold up fabric while I sew, all so we could finally accomplish this today:

Project Curtain, Phase 1: (almost) Complete!!

Yes, I still have to hem them. I know. I will. Someday. 

I think our electrical conduit curtain rod solution was pretty ingenious, if I do say so myself. I used brackets that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond, and spray painted the conduit to match. Dan cut it to length, and after holding the whole thing up (which was really heavy since I used full on black out fabric on the back!), and having several conversations that all married people have experienced with regard on how to best accomplish something, we had everything up!

I used these instructions on hidden top tab curtains, for anyone interested.

Phase 2 will be dealing with those rake windows above. I love those windows, and am not one bit sorry they are there. Though we've already lived with them bare for 2 summers, it's time to do something to keep dark in at night, and the sun/heat out during the afternoons. Even today, which has been a gorgeous spring day, we can feel the heat upstairs. So, solution needed.

I'm still at the think it out portion of that phase. Next step is to draw a rough sketch on a small piece of paper/back of receipt that will get crumpled in my purse and misplaced somewhere. Should be a good time!!


  1. Hillary3:35 PM

    Looks awesome. I have no clue how you will cover those other windows but I do know that you will figur it out!

  2. Wow, great job! I love your fabric and your incredible sewing skills! How did you get that picture from up so high? Were you on a ladder? The other windows will be a challenge...somehow I feel it could go terribly wrong....circa 1980s or something! I know you won't do that, though!! Check out Pinterest for ideas, I guess!!!!