Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mudroom Update

Just after Christmas, I was walking through Home Depot (now, I haven't the foggiest idea why I was in there on December 27th!! What was I actually looking for?) and I spotted a mirror I thought would be great in our mudroom. So I bought it and let it sit leaning against the wall for 2 months. It's how I roll. 

Anyway, this past week, it was (finally) time to tackle that project! You know what is a huge deterrent in finishing projects that require patching walls? Not having any leftover paint. You want to know what's worse? Not having any flippin' clue what the paint colour is! When our house got painted, I brought over a can of leftover paint we had from our trailer and said "Match this for the mudroom please painters!" And they did. Two years later, we don't have that mostly empty paint can, no leftover mudroom paint, and no colour chip. Boo. So here's what my wall looked like for a few weeks as I debated how to deal with this problem: 

Then I went to the paint store and brought home every chip that looked like it could possibly match.

None of them did! A couple would match when it was dark & cloudy, others would match when the sun shone, still another would match when we'd come home in the pitch dark. Also, tester size cans don't come in this colour.

I thought maybe I could find acrylic paint to match and then go from there. Again, bring some home, no match. I finally admitted defeat and went on to plan C: Paint stripes over the places that had patches with paint I already had! 

I drew out my wall to scale on some graph paper, marked where the patches were, and came up with this plan for stripes. I made them 6", 8" & 10" wide, with 6 1/2" between each stripe. 

(I always put tape in the spaces I am not supposed to paint!! I had some close calls even with my tape markers.)

Here's my wall, all said & done! Only took a few months! Wall patched, mirror hung, writing board up.

Oh yeah, those pieces of tape are marking out the size of a shoe cabinet we want to get one day.

(This was not easy! Those glass writing board are kind of a pain to hang by yourself! And yes, that is the reference picture I usually take to my hair dresser when I get my hair cut!)


  1. Hillary4:54 PM

    Michael says "That looks just as good." I think that is a compliment.
    I say it looks wonderful, just like every other corner of your house!

    1. Oh Michael. Thanks - I think!

  2. Love your mudroom! Good thinking with the stripes. I like those colours together. Your mirror, writing board and table look great! And I like your haircut reference photo - is it Wynona Ryder? And do you have to show it every time you get your hair cut?

    1. I don't know who it is. Some celebrity, probably. I don't always bring it with me, but sometimes when my hair is looking not quite as I want it to, then I show my hair dresser again to remind her!

  3. Malorie Enns8:18 PM

    LOVE it! All of it, especially the person who hung the writing board herself!!!

  4. Anonymous5:47 AM

    That looks good Erica. I like how Hill says it.... wonderful, just like every other corner of your house.
    love, mom

  5. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Looks Great Erica!

    Nate and Kal (MT)

  6. Ha ha-- I love it. You're so creative :)