Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Year So Far

The first week of the new year has been great so far! It's always comforting to get back into our routines.

On Friday night we went over to Doug & Elissa's house to celebrate both their birthdays, and had a great time visiting with friends, old & new.

Yesterday Dan & I went ottoman shopping (that Christmas money is burning holes in our pockets!!) and although we haven't yet purchased, it was fun to look around and go out for lunch together. Then last night we went to an Abbotsford Heat game, again with Doug & Elissa. I think Dan & Doug enjoyed the game, and Elissa & I hardly watched but had a great visit while eating mini donuts!

Today after church Dan & I had to make a quick trip to Langley to pick up something else that we spotted while ottoman shopping! We didn't really mean to buy any other furniture, but we saw this and knew it would be perfect for our room! Love it!

This afternoon I have been working on the night stands (mentioned earlier this week), and they are looking great. I'll post some photos when it's all said & done! It feels good to have some progress on our neglected bedroom decor. Nice when a plan starts coming together! 

(And no, we haven't forgotten about the ottoman - we're giving ourselves until the end of next week to make up our minds!!)


  1. Love the chaise!!! Good choice. Your year sounds nice so far.

  2. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Oh good for you guys....looks good and appears to fit most perfectly in that spot. Nice.