Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reasons I Love my Family

This afternoon Dan called home and wondered if I could possibly bring his ski boots down the road to the farm. You know, the regular footwear choice for doing farm work in 7" of snow. 

When I arrived at the farm, Matt & Kori had the quad out, Helen was perched on the GT racer, ready to the pulled by the quad, and Dan, Tom and Christine were building up the snow jump, and adjusting the bindings on an old pair of skis. 

It was totally delightful to see them fly through the air (and land...or not!). To hear Helen try to convince us all that she knew how to ski already and could go over the jump. To go inside to drink tea & visit with my sisters-in-law. To kiss and snuggle a cute baby one year old. 

The most perfectly enjoyable snowy afternoon.


  1. that sounds like snow day perfection-- if you ask me!

  2. That sounds just great, Erica! I like your snow day and am glad you did too.