Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quick & Fun Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day still feels so far away, but it's really not too far - next Wednesday is February 1st after all! I don't usually decorate, or really do anything for Valentine's, but I saw this idea a few weeks ago on Pinterest and thought it was cute!

First, I cut some felt rectangles. 2 from each colour. I didn't measure, just made the biggest pieces possible from the felt I had. Next, sew a seam down one long end of each pair of rectangles. Turn the felt so the other 2 long sides are matched up, but the shape of the tube is a heart. Make sense?
Once you have all your heart tubes sewn up, cut them into about 1" pieces, so you end up with this: 

Then I strung them all together with thread, like so:

(yes, I probably should have changed the thread in my sewing machine, but I was too lazy, so it stayed black!)

Viola! Hang up your cute little Valentine garland!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taking Stock

Luckily, Dan & I were able to make it to a grocery store before Snowmagedon 2012 hit too hard. Still, this got me thinking about my pantry staples and what meals I could really make if we were housebound for a week (which, basically, was this past week), and then I got thinking about pantry staples, and how I never consistently have all the ingredients I need for something!! Can you help me out? What do your pantries always contain? I know it really depends on what kind of food you cook, so this may be an exercise in futility, but I am curious!

Things I always have:
 - eggs (This is kind of cheating. Eggs are a fridge item, but since there are a kajillion eggs pretty much out my front door at any given time, I thought I would include them.)
 - flour
 - sugar
 - baking supplies (baking soda, powder, cornstarch, cocoa, oats, etc)
 - pasta
 - rice
 - canned soup (tomato & mushroom)
 - frozen veggies (corn, peas, broccoli & cauliflower)
 - frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries, blueberries)
 - crackers

Things I always need/want and never have:
 - chicken stock (I really do buy this, but then I use it up and never have it on hand. I should learn to buy 2 at a time)
 - ginger (not ground as a spice. Is there even a way to have this "fresh" without it going gross?)
 - canned pineapple
 - pasta sauce (as a dry mix or a jar)
 - potatoes that aren't baby potatoes
 - chickpeas
 - beans (again, something I do buy semi-regularly, but then use up and don't replace as I should)

And what about your freezers? Like I wrote above, I keep some frozen fruits & veg, but I would much prefer to buy fresh meat, so I tend not to stock up on proteins very often, unless there is something good on sale. And don't get me started on frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts. Ugh. I don't want to eat that!

So tell me, what am I missing? What are your go-to meals when the fridge is bare?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reasons I Love my Family

This afternoon Dan called home and wondered if I could possibly bring his ski boots down the road to the farm. You know, the regular footwear choice for doing farm work in 7" of snow. 

When I arrived at the farm, Matt & Kori had the quad out, Helen was perched on the GT racer, ready to the pulled by the quad, and Dan, Tom and Christine were building up the snow jump, and adjusting the bindings on an old pair of skis. 

It was totally delightful to see them fly through the air (and land...or not!). To hear Helen try to convince us all that she knew how to ski already and could go over the jump. To go inside to drink tea & visit with my sisters-in-law. To kiss and snuggle a cute baby one year old. 

The most perfectly enjoyable snowy afternoon.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Day & Tables

We woke up to a snow covered world this morning. Since I am house bound today, I finally finished our night tables! I posted them on my very neglected Ugly to Awesome blog, so you can click here to see them! I've been doing a few other projects around the house today too, like hanging up pictures and baking muffins and finishing sewing projects! Now I'm thinking about taking a nap!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Year So Far

The first week of the new year has been great so far! It's always comforting to get back into our routines.

On Friday night we went over to Doug & Elissa's house to celebrate both their birthdays, and had a great time visiting with friends, old & new.

Yesterday Dan & I went ottoman shopping (that Christmas money is burning holes in our pockets!!) and although we haven't yet purchased, it was fun to look around and go out for lunch together. Then last night we went to an Abbotsford Heat game, again with Doug & Elissa. I think Dan & Doug enjoyed the game, and Elissa & I hardly watched but had a great visit while eating mini donuts!

Today after church Dan & I had to make a quick trip to Langley to pick up something else that we spotted while ottoman shopping! We didn't really mean to buy any other furniture, but we saw this and knew it would be perfect for our room! Love it!

This afternoon I have been working on the night stands (mentioned earlier this week), and they are looking great. I'll post some photos when it's all said & done! It feels good to have some progress on our neglected bedroom decor. Nice when a plan starts coming together! 

(And no, we haven't forgotten about the ottoman - we're giving ourselves until the end of next week to make up our minds!!)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

So This Is the New Year...

Happy 2012!! I rang in the New Year by sleeping and then getting woken up from a wrong number text on Dan's phone at 1:18 AM!! Good times! (For the record, we were in a hotel room...I don't make a habit of sleeping next to Dan's phone...)

Anyway! I thought I would take a look at my little Not New Years Resolutions List that I posted about a year ago.


1. get new lamps for our bedroom, and maybe somenew night tables. (well, purchased!)

This plan has evolved from just new side tables & lamps to more like decorate our bedroom and make it nice. So, progress is the same: new night tables purchased! I still have some work to do on them, and I need some different pulls to put on the drawers. 

2. have each family from our caregroup over (D&E,C&S,)

Uh, yeah, kind of dropped the ball on this one. Sorry care group! We'll keep trying!

3. see at least one friend from college that doesn't now live in BC (February - Dave & Jenelle; March - Dave & Jenelle again; Steve & Lowana; April - Shannon, Christen, Dave & Jenelle AGAIN!!; August - Shannon; September - Jennifer; October - {High School friend who lives in BC, but come on, HS friend - still counts!!} Alisha; November - Jennifer & Eddie;)

By far the most fun on my to-do list!! I posted about this a few weeks ago, and I hope I am able to see friends again this year!

4. clean up our apple tree (started Sept. 24!!)

It's been started! 

5. plant a tree in our yard (2! October 2011)


6. finish unpacking from the move & putting it all away!

And again!

7. fall fire & weenie roast (September 24, 2011)

Yup! Wrote about it here!

8. make our front entry...better (re-cover chair, new mirror, gallery wall, bench, chevron wall)

Significantly better. I also got a bigger rug from Ikea and it's great!

9. post photos of our finished house

Meh, what are you gonna do? 

10. learn how to better use my camera, and get it out more often

Well, I did sign up for a photography class, and was set to take it, and then my camera got stolen. Boo. So, I'll try again in 2012!

11. finish the screen porch project (officially completed on July 4, 2011!)

And it was glorious! 

12. build at least one piece of furniture (leather & oak side table; green toddler chair; front entrance bench; mudroom bench)

I'd call that success!

I haven't made any resolutions for this year, but who knows, I may still. I more think of it as a list of stuff I want to do, not so much resolutions. Most likely, I'll just keep adding to this list!