Thursday, December 08, 2011


Day 8: Why do you or why do you like to blog?

Good question!! I have been thinking a little bit about this lately, and I don't think I have one great answer, but I do have some reasons!

I blog because I like to take note of the little things in my life. I know there are days/weeks/months that have gone by with nary a peep from me on this blog. And that's ok. Those times are usually just quiet times in my life, or when I don't feel like I have anything important/entertaining/interesting to say. I used to write in a journal everyday, and while this blog does not resemble a journal in the slightest, it is kind of like that, but easier and quicker and more fun.

I blog to show photos of stuff I make/do/think to people who may or may not care. Showing my family & friends things that happen around here makes me feel like they can, in a small way, be part of this BC life of mine. A pseudo community sort of! Does that make sense?

I blog to entertain myself sometimes. Or to entertain my dad, who will inevitable call me if I post something that makes him laugh!! I know I read blogs for entertainment, (I view the blogs I read similar to newspaper columns) or for inspiration, so I hope that people (whoever you are!) read my blog for entertainment or inspiration too!

I'm taking part in a blogging group called Reverb Broads that will be suggesting daily blogging prompts this December. If you want to join in, feel free! Go here to learn more.

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