Friday, December 09, 2011

Chippy Goes to the Dentist

Day 9: What was your favorite children's book?

Oh man. Oh man!! I love this topic! When I read today's prompt, my first thoughts went to my earliest reading days. Days when I was probably only 4 years old and sat with my Boppa in his big chair and brought books to him and asked him to read them to me and my cousin.

Our go-to books were Go Dog Go and Chippy goes to the Dentist. Loved both of those!

When my grandparents died, I got a hold of Chippy in the giant house clean-out. The last page is missing, but I don't mind. I love having this book! (Thanks again, Leah!)

Other childhood favorites include Dr. Cat, which I am pretty sure is the first book I read by myself (you can imagine the challenge that would have been!!) and All in One Piece. My sister & I always wanted mom to get All in One Piece from the library, and for me, it was because of  the picture on the last page. I just loved it! (Still do!)

(Come to think of it, I also really liked the page in Richard Scary's book where all the paint colours get mixed together! I liked paint and colours as a child!)

How about  you? What was your favorite childhood book?

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  1. Oh Chippy! Forgot about him but thanks for the visual! Love love love those memories of reading with Boppa. I think that's why we love to read so much as adults? Well, our mothers have helped with that too! And our Granny. And I love All in One Piece too. And 5 Minutes Peace (the sequel? Or prequel?). I just went through my children's books and took some to work to read to the kids. I think I enjoyed it more than they did! Great post!

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Nice memories Erica! You know that I didn't start to enjoy reading until after Dad and I were married. He was reading ALL the time and he wasn't talking or listening to me! So shortly after we tied the knot I started reading as I was bored silly. Now I couldn't imagine a life without books. Thanks for the post.
    Love you, mom

  3. Did I give you Chippy? Or nab it for you? Can't remember. Also, is it true Auntie didn't like reading until after she got married? Finding this hard to believe.