Thursday, November 17, 2011

New ARt, PaRt 2

I have more art to share with you! I really did NOT mean to leave it this long (believe it or not, that last art post was the end of August!). 

More pretty stuff to hang on my walls!

First up, this awesome rendering of our house!! Back in the summer, through a friend of a friend, we were lucky enough to get a yard & garden consultation from Andrea Gibb, who is just starting up her business, Robben Landscape Design. Anyway, in addition to the incredible garden plan and plant list that Andrea provided, she also did two renderings of our house! I got the front house rendering framed at Michaels, because how could I not? I love this little treasure. It's hanging at the top of our stairs, and I smile every time I see it! 

I found this whole set up at MCC, I think for around 8 bucks. I spray painted the existing frame black, and viola! A cute little winter water colour scene!

This last idea came from another blog I read. It's super simple - dollar store shadow box, fabric scrap and a fortune cookie fortune from this past summer. Oh, and a thumbtack! My fortune says: "You have artistic talent, do something creative."  So I did!!


  1. love it! Wow-- that picture of your house is amazing!

  2. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Yep. You have artistic talent and you put it to good use. Nice stuff.
    love you, mom

  3. I really like the rendition of your house...looks good and makes me want to see it in real life! I also love the MCC find and the fortune cookie idea...might have to try that one!