Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Checkin' In

Welp. We haven't been up to TOO much lately. Last weekend we went to Seattle and saw our friends Jennifer & Eddie. We had a great time! Walked around and ate and talked and looked at stuff. Hmm....sounds a lot like what we did in Toronto!! Super fun relaxing time, minus the part where the check engine light in our car came on. Boo. Dan got it all fixed up though, and it's all good now. 

This is my sneaky photo that I took in a store. They always frown upon that! We stopped at the Seattle outlets on the way home, and Dan got a vest - can you guess which colour he picked?? I didn't do any browsing for myself, since I have a girls shopping trip to Palm Springs coming up soon! Can't wait to see the sun and feel some warmth on my skin!

In other news, I have started my Christmas list! (Michael, this is an indicator that you too should start compiling a list. NOW!) If you want to see it (it's short so far!), follow the link below! Parents/family, I'll try to keep updating as I think of things....not that I NEED a present, but it's just fun! 

It's over there on the side too! To the right! 

Over & Out!


  1. Shawna Pearman5:01 PM

    Oh Erica, I just like your posts. And you are so creative. Please keep posting what you are creating. I find it fascinating. You tell good stories too. love it love it

  2. Glad you had fun with friends in Seattle. I like your Christmas list. My fav ottoman is the lighter brown one in the middle.