Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rise of the Machines

I can not get enough robots lately. Everywhere I look (which is really just on Pinterest) I find & fall in love with robots!! Here are two of my favorite finds from the last while:
Robot Nesting Dolls from Urban Baby Runway. So awesome! These are pretty affordable at only $14, but it would also be fun to thrift some nesting dolls and paint them up your self. You know I am on the lookout!

This little robot girl is just adorable!

Her family members can be found at the etsy shop, Little Brown Byrd, but it doesn't look like she has any sisters at the moment. Might be a fun rainy day project to attempt if you have some sewing skills!

In other, robot related news, the dairy is officially going automated! We are super excited about that!! It's going to mean huge changes around here, but those changes will be good for everyone, we think, cows included. I think the most exciting prospect (for now) is that the days of Dan getting up at 4am to milk cows are numbered!! 365 & counting (down)! Yay!

(not our cow or machine)


  1. Love the robot girl! Super cute. And is that an automated milker? Looks interesting! Glad Dan can sleep in soon!!!

  2. I like these robots ...