Monday, October 24, 2011

Problem Solved: Stoneware Storage

In my kitchen I have a corner cabinet. It can be annoying. Also, kind of ironic because now that I work at a kitchen place I NEVER put corner cabinets into kitchen plans if I can help it. Void corner and drawers all the way!! But, that is not the case in my kitchen. I have a corner cabinet, so I'll work with it. Make the best of what you've got, etc. 

Anyway, my problem was that I was doing a lot of stacking and moving around of stoneware that I have. And it was starting to bother me. 

So I built this rack and stuck it on the bottom shelf:

Ta da!

 Now I can put my stoneware and some lids like this:

Problem solved! 

This project cost me nothing but time since I had all the materials on hand. Oh wait, I actually did have to buy some screws because I didn't have any of the appropriate length (1"). So I guess this project cost me around $5. (I bought fancy screws.) It's not the prettiest thing ever, and I am 100% sure that if any of the guys in the shop at work saw it, they would laugh, but I think it'll work just fine for me! 


  1. you are seriously a genius. I love it!!

  2. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Great idea! Good work and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it for years to come.