Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Creatures!

Check out her haul! We were only the 3rd house they'd hit up!

Cutest. Dinosaur. Ever. 

Halloween Treats!

Saturday night found us at a Halloween Party hosted by our lovely friends Brandon & Cayley. 
Since it was not just a Halloween Party, but a Halloween ANIMATION THEME Party, Dan & I dressed up as Inspector Gadget & Sidekick Penny. 
(photo borrowed from Brandon)

Nailed it!

It was actually pretty fun to put those costumes together! And, I think Penny was WAY ahead of the times with her computer book. I wished I had an iPad I could have carried around, but my plastic container with taped on pictures worked just fine! Also, please note that Inspector's magnifying glass doubles as a bottle opener! Thanks for having us B&C, we had fun!

Sunday night we had a Wall family supper, partly in celebration that Corn Harvest is complete! Yay! But the absolute highlight was that we got to meet Henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owie is still in the hospital, but Henry was sprung free this past weekend, and I think he adapted quite well to his giant family by pretty much sleeping the whole time (which I would imagine is what you'd expect from a 1 month old!!). Henry is a tiny bundle of a boy at around 5 pounds. Dan & I were trying to imagine the size of Owen given his bro is the bigger one! Yikes! I didn't have my camera with me, so no picture of Henry today, but hopefully soon. I can't wait to snuggle him! (Among the two new parents and 3 grandparents, there were plenty of arms for Henry to rest in, so I can wait :)  )

In other news, Helen & Johnnie will be trick or treating tonight! Dan & I dressed up last year just for Helen. I'm not sure if we will this year...I mean, sure, we have awesome costumes, but what 3 and 1 year olds know who Inspector Gadget is? Might have to pull out my "Big Cay-ons" costume once more! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Go With the Flow (to Toronto!)

Dan & I went to Toronto last week. We had a great time visiting with Hill & Mike!


(clockwise from top left: Dan in front of Sanagans, us 4 walking around, lunch!, with Hillary)

(more walking around, inside the AGO)

(Toronto Skyline from U of T)

(U of T campus....yeah, that's Hillary!)

(me with Dan, cute babushka Hillary!, sisters, is that a giant chair or is Michael tiny?)

(lunch with Nikki at El Trompo!* Mmmm, tacos!)
*Thanks, Hill!**
** Twice!

Problem Solved: Stoneware Storage

In my kitchen I have a corner cabinet. It can be annoying. Also, kind of ironic because now that I work at a kitchen place I NEVER put corner cabinets into kitchen plans if I can help it. Void corner and drawers all the way!! But, that is not the case in my kitchen. I have a corner cabinet, so I'll work with it. Make the best of what you've got, etc. 

Anyway, my problem was that I was doing a lot of stacking and moving around of stoneware that I have. And it was starting to bother me. 

So I built this rack and stuck it on the bottom shelf:

Ta da!

 Now I can put my stoneware and some lids like this:

Problem solved! 

This project cost me nothing but time since I had all the materials on hand. Oh wait, I actually did have to buy some screws because I didn't have any of the appropriate length (1"). So I guess this project cost me around $5. (I bought fancy screws.) It's not the prettiest thing ever, and I am 100% sure that if any of the guys in the shop at work saw it, they would laugh, but I think it'll work just fine for me! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rise of the Machines

I can not get enough robots lately. Everywhere I look (which is really just on Pinterest) I find & fall in love with robots!! Here are two of my favorite finds from the last while:
Robot Nesting Dolls from Urban Baby Runway. So awesome! These are pretty affordable at only $14, but it would also be fun to thrift some nesting dolls and paint them up your self. You know I am on the lookout!

This little robot girl is just adorable!

Her family members can be found at the etsy shop, Little Brown Byrd, but it doesn't look like she has any sisters at the moment. Might be a fun rainy day project to attempt if you have some sewing skills!

In other, robot related news, the dairy is officially going automated! We are super excited about that!! It's going to mean huge changes around here, but those changes will be good for everyone, we think, cows included. I think the most exciting prospect (for now) is that the days of Dan getting up at 4am to milk cows are numbered!! 365 & counting (down)! Yay!

(not our cow or machine)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scenes from Thanksgiving

(My favorite moment of the evening: Helen lay down next to John (after some prompting) to drink her juice. John looked over and just giggled! So happy his sister was near him! Too adorable!)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Internet is Never Wrong!

You guys, I have a problem. Do you know what's missing from the photo below? 

If you said "back splash!" then you are right. It's loooooonnnng over due, especially since we've lived here for almost 2 years.

The problem is I don't know what to pick. I went to a tile store today and looked and looked and looked at samples. I've also been looking in magazines and online and I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to back splash ideas. And I am not sure if I love any of them. 

I like the idea of tile, but I also like the idea of something a little different. Like hexagonal tile, or penny tile, or stainless steel. For a while I was lobbying for red glass subway tile.  Also, our cabinets are off-white, so I don't think a plain white should be in the running. Internet, tell me what to do!

Here are the samples I brought home today.
Option 1 - Stainless Steel. I like this a lot, but I don't know if I like the price tag at almost $40/sq. ft. Ouch. Also, if we end up installing this ourselves, cutting the stainless steel part of the tile makes me nervous. Has anyone done this with success? Would the small size of the tiles make the splash too busy?

Option 2 - White Glass & Stone Mosaic. I am leaning toward this one right this second. It's hard to tell in this photo, but some of the tiles are opaque and some are clear, and then of course, some are stone. I like that the white is not so pure that it would make our cabinets look dirty, and I also like that the stone pieces break it up a bit, but it's not too busy. 

Option 3 - Greeny/Brown Glass & Stone Mosaic. Maybe this is the obvious choice given how we've done the rest of our house? Should we branch out and NOT put something green on the walls? You tell me.

Option 4 - Grey Glass & Stone Mosaic. I've held this up in different spots on the kitchen walls, and I like it in some places and not in others. It doesn't work great with the cabinet colour, but I do like it with our paint colour.

From the top down, options 1-4. 

What's the verdict?

Sunday, October 02, 2011


One thing I love about living in the Fraser Valley is the fresh, local produce that I can get pretty much year round. Today I stopped at Hamilton's on my way home from work, and loved seeing all these Okanagan apples! And the Hamilton's prices are so awesome. I got two bags of apples (one bag is in a pie that is baking as I speak type), a huge zucchini, bell peppers, yams, carrots, celery, garlic and a lemon all for 9 bucks.
Can't beat that.