Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two Benches

As promised, there have been some updates in the front entrance since the last time I showed it here. I really do have good intentions to do a photo house tour of the whole house someday, but for some reason I can't get past the front entrance! And anyway, since we got robbed in June, I am not sure I want to post our whole house on the internet! But today, entry ways!

A few weeks ago I took down that shelf that was on the wall next to the front door, repaired the drywall and painted some chevron stripes on the wall, making sure to place my stripes over the area that I repaired.

Love it!

Then I built a bench from these plans (I shortened mine by quite a bit) and now the front entrance is "done". I use quotes because who knows...I may change something else in that area yet!

Months ago, I saw this bench on The Brick House:

And I wanted it. Bad. For the mudroom. 

So I went about collecting the things I would need to make my own version of this baby. Maybe about two days after seeing this project, I was at MCC and saw some stacking stools that had that tubular metal look - not quite the same as the bench above (I would be waiting a lot of years if I was going to hold out to find Eames bases in Abbotsford!) but I thought the stools I found would provide the same sort of feel. And I took a picture of those ugly stools with their green vinyl tops. And then our house was robbed and I don't have that picture anymore. But that's ok, check out what I was able to make with my $7 stacking stools and big piece of reclaimed wood (which I got at Western Reclaimed Timber):

Just so you know, by "I was able to make", I mean "my dad did all the work"! 

Here's how my smart Dad attached the legs to the top! I had no plan and was just going to wing it!
Thanks Dad!
Love those old saw marks!

Visitors welcome at our house through either entrance! Feel free to sit down & enjoy the benches!


  1. Wow, Erica, it looks good! I like both benches and think you did a great job! Very cool idea with the stacking stool bases. It's like Stacking Stool 2.0. I want to visit! Also, well done with the zigzag stripes! Must have required some serious attention to detail.

  2. I love it all! You are amazing!

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I love that bench, it looks really cool! :) It's kind of like old fashioned and modern at the same time!

  4. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I'll be over first chance I get... to admire and sit for a bit!
    Yep, like Elissa says, 'you are amazing'!
    Love mom