Friday, August 26, 2011

Yahtzee + Corn dogs = Just an (above) Average Monday Night!

On Monday we had our second annual Kehler-Wall Corndog night! Nah, it wasn't really called that, but we did go over to Dave & Rachel's for an evening of food & fun! I think the corn dog thing started last year because Rachel had seen this recipe in a Martha Stewart mag and wanted to see if a) it actually worked, and b) if it was good! Dave & Dan & I happily played guinea pigs for that experiment, and thus, a tradition was born! 

We always have fun with Dave & Rachel. The four of us (and sorry if this sounds lame!) had one of those magical evenings where the conversation was easy and we laughed often and just really enjoyed each other's company. I think we were all reminded of why we like each other so much and how great it is to have wonderful friends. I love them! 

You guys are great! We hope you know how awesome we think you are!

And then, I got a Yahtzee! Wahoo! Best Monday night EVER!!


(And unrelated, here is a cute picture of Johnny!!)


  1. Johnny is just too cute for words. Again, totally reminds me of Helen. Glad you had a wonderful night with your friends...those are always the best. Hoping for a good one tonight, myself!

  2. I would be curious to try out that recipe, if you wanted to send it my way!