Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quick Poll!

I built a restaurant style high chair for my favorite little girl to use when she comes over. I painted it a bright green (Limerick Trick from Cloverdale Paint) and now need to sew a cushion cover. I ordered 4 fabric swatches from and need your opinion as to which one I should go with! I really like two of the options, but what do you say??

Here is the green chair, with a cushion but no cover: (please forgive the poor quality cell phone photo!)

And here are the fabric options: (I only picked laminated samples since I figure this will need to be wipe-able!)

A  B  C  D


  1. After weighing the options I choose B. But C was a close second. I LOVE that high chair. You never cease to amaze me. LOVE it.

  2. It was a tough choice between A and B. I chose B but would be happy if you chose A. Great choices! And great job on the chair. I love polls!