Monday, August 29, 2011

New ARt, PaRt 1

It's no secret that I like art. Making it or buying it, doesn't matter to me! I just don't like bare walls! (Except for Dan) (HAHA! Weren't expecting that, were you?)

My mom & dad always had (and still have) something hanging on pretty much every wall in their house, and though their tastes have changed over the years, there is still an abundance of framed prints, posters, maps, and even some original art hanging around (I'm punny). Over the years, friends have made passing comments to me along the lines of "That's what I remember about your parent's house - there was so much art on the walls!" So I guess it's not normal for some people to hang stuff up. But it's normal for me! 
When we travel, I usually like to come home with at least one thing I can frame and hang on a wall. Our front entrance gallery wall is a fine example of that - prints from London and Halifax and coasters from Berlin. (There have been some exciting developments in the front entrance department, so stay tuned!!) 

Today though, is not about something awesome I brought home from an exotic locale, but about art on the cheap!! 
click to biggify

Three new things to hang on my walls! (You know, open concept living is fantastic, except for the severe lack of walls! I don't have a clue where these things are gonna end up!)

1. Top Left - Pen & Ink Line drawing
I guess I started collecting pen & ink drawings a few summers ago when I bough three at a garage sale for $5. This one I found in a too-big frame at a local thrift store for two bucks. New matting & frame = awesome!
  • 11x14 Mat (5x7 opening): $8.49 (there were actually two mats in the pack but the smaller opening was was too small, so I opted to just use one and keep the other for something else.) so actually: $4.25
  • Black Plastic 11x14 frame: $9.99 for a two pack, so: $4.99
  • Pen & Ink Drawing: $2.00
  • TOTAL: $11.24 (plus tax, as usual!!)
2. Top Right - Kandinsky Print
I have had this print for years, and just found it again tucked among photo albums on our office bookshelf! I think I bought it when I went to SAIT, and had it in an IKEA frame for a very long time and even had it hanging in this house, and then when we traded that piece for a huge stretched canvas silk screen print (that we found at a thrift store for $5.00!) I guess I put it away and  forgot about it until now!
  • Kandinsky Print (It's the Concentric Circles one): $0 (already had it)
  • Frame: second one from two-pack above: $4.99
  • TOTAL: $4.99
3. "I Love Us" print
This is by far my favorite of the three in this collection! I was browsing on Pinterest and came across a website that has this huge list of free prints. This one was probably the fifth one I randomly clicked on and it was available in 4 colours. So I clicked, and I choose this orangey-red one, and I printed it off here at home! If you want to print your own, I found mine here! (Number 19 is this particular print!)
  • print: $0 (although I am sure I will pay later when I try to print something in colour and can't!)
  • Frame: $29.99  I got this frame at Michaels and they had a "buy one, the next one is 1 cent" promotion on pretty much all of their wall frames, so I got two for one, hence actual cost was more like: $15.00
  • TOTAL: $15.00
That makes these three art pieces come in at $31.23, which I think is pretty darn good!! I have some more art in the works (spray paint drying, mats need cutting etc!!) and will show you those two when they are done! Now to go figure out where to hang these puppies!


  1. I love it! I also love reading your posts-- you are one funny lady :) where did you get your mats? I'm always on the hunt for larger mats with smaller openings...

  2. I especially love the "I love us" poster! I think I will check out Pinterest...which I've heard a lot about but haven't got sucked into yet. What it is? We don't have a colour ink thing right now, but I want one to print off that poster! Great job on the prints. I like things on my walls too.

  3. Anonymous5:43 AM

    So much art and never enough wall space! I agree.
    I like your pieces, I like your humour and I love you!

  4. In case you wanted confirmation, yes you did get that print while we were at SAIT. I remember it well!
    Also good free finds. I wandered onto the free printing site this morning and I am going to print #93 and then #51 for photo props!