Monday, August 29, 2011

New ARt, PaRt 1

It's no secret that I like art. Making it or buying it, doesn't matter to me! I just don't like bare walls! (Except for Dan) (HAHA! Weren't expecting that, were you?)

My mom & dad always had (and still have) something hanging on pretty much every wall in their house, and though their tastes have changed over the years, there is still an abundance of framed prints, posters, maps, and even some original art hanging around (I'm punny). Over the years, friends have made passing comments to me along the lines of "That's what I remember about your parent's house - there was so much art on the walls!" So I guess it's not normal for some people to hang stuff up. But it's normal for me! 
When we travel, I usually like to come home with at least one thing I can frame and hang on a wall. Our front entrance gallery wall is a fine example of that - prints from London and Halifax and coasters from Berlin. (There have been some exciting developments in the front entrance department, so stay tuned!!) 

Today though, is not about something awesome I brought home from an exotic locale, but about art on the cheap!! 
click to biggify

Three new things to hang on my walls! (You know, open concept living is fantastic, except for the severe lack of walls! I don't have a clue where these things are gonna end up!)

1. Top Left - Pen & Ink Line drawing
I guess I started collecting pen & ink drawings a few summers ago when I bough three at a garage sale for $5. This one I found in a too-big frame at a local thrift store for two bucks. New matting & frame = awesome!
  • 11x14 Mat (5x7 opening): $8.49 (there were actually two mats in the pack but the smaller opening was was too small, so I opted to just use one and keep the other for something else.) so actually: $4.25
  • Black Plastic 11x14 frame: $9.99 for a two pack, so: $4.99
  • Pen & Ink Drawing: $2.00
  • TOTAL: $11.24 (plus tax, as usual!!)
2. Top Right - Kandinsky Print
I have had this print for years, and just found it again tucked among photo albums on our office bookshelf! I think I bought it when I went to SAIT, and had it in an IKEA frame for a very long time and even had it hanging in this house, and then when we traded that piece for a huge stretched canvas silk screen print (that we found at a thrift store for $5.00!) I guess I put it away and  forgot about it until now!
  • Kandinsky Print (It's the Concentric Circles one): $0 (already had it)
  • Frame: second one from two-pack above: $4.99
  • TOTAL: $4.99
3. "I Love Us" print
This is by far my favorite of the three in this collection! I was browsing on Pinterest and came across a website that has this huge list of free prints. This one was probably the fifth one I randomly clicked on and it was available in 4 colours. So I clicked, and I choose this orangey-red one, and I printed it off here at home! If you want to print your own, I found mine here! (Number 19 is this particular print!)
  • print: $0 (although I am sure I will pay later when I try to print something in colour and can't!)
  • Frame: $29.99  I got this frame at Michaels and they had a "buy one, the next one is 1 cent" promotion on pretty much all of their wall frames, so I got two for one, hence actual cost was more like: $15.00
  • TOTAL: $15.00
That makes these three art pieces come in at $31.23, which I think is pretty darn good!! I have some more art in the works (spray paint drying, mats need cutting etc!!) and will show you those two when they are done! Now to go figure out where to hang these puppies!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yahtzee + Corn dogs = Just an (above) Average Monday Night!

On Monday we had our second annual Kehler-Wall Corndog night! Nah, it wasn't really called that, but we did go over to Dave & Rachel's for an evening of food & fun! I think the corn dog thing started last year because Rachel had seen this recipe in a Martha Stewart mag and wanted to see if a) it actually worked, and b) if it was good! Dave & Dan & I happily played guinea pigs for that experiment, and thus, a tradition was born! 

We always have fun with Dave & Rachel. The four of us (and sorry if this sounds lame!) had one of those magical evenings where the conversation was easy and we laughed often and just really enjoyed each other's company. I think we were all reminded of why we like each other so much and how great it is to have wonderful friends. I love them! 

You guys are great! We hope you know how awesome we think you are!

And then, I got a Yahtzee! Wahoo! Best Monday night EVER!!


(And unrelated, here is a cute picture of Johnny!!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get on Your Bikes & Ride

We haven't been up to much around here, (aside from my little painting project, of course!) just enjoying the last of the summer, lamenting that the days are getting shorter, and getting as much Vitamin D as possible  before we settle into the perpetual dampness of fall & winter. 

We are looking forward to some fun things to round out our summer fun in the next few weeks though.

My dad will be here for some of Labour Day weekend. 

The annual weenie roast is scheduled. (Are YOU coming?) (Maybe if you don't know me in real life the answer to that question should be "No")

Looks like a (short) trip to Seattle is in the works.

Tickets booked for Toronto. 

But in the meantime...

...we'll make the most of the remaining sunny days!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Hint

Today when I got home from work, it felt like there was a never ending stretch of day ahead of me, but in a totally good, soak-up-every-moment, completely motivated, I-can-do-EVERYTHING, kind of way. No doubt the dollar drink days Coke and the gorgeous sunshine contributed, but still, I love that feeling!! So, the question is, what have I been doing with my afternoon? Here's one hint:

Any guesses? I'll be back to share the end result, of course, good or bad!

Now, off to get a baby for the evening!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camping at Coldspring

This past weekend we went camping with our lovely friends Dave & Rachel. (As we did last year, at Lightning Lakes!) This time 'round we stayed at Coldspring campground in Manning Park, and although there were pit toilets and we had to boil our water, it was sunny & warm (unlike last year!) so that more than made up for it! Dan & I took advantage of our farm benefits and took the communal camper to sleep in. Thanks farm! 

our home away from home (for the weekend)

We had a great time with our friends and just did normal camping stuff: hiking and too much eating and reading and sitting around. Thankfully we could have campfires this year (again, unlike last year!) and we did some river wading and napping and all the things you are supposed to do when you go away for the weekend!

D&R, hiking, me & Dan

Similkameen River, hiking route!

So Dave & Rachel, same time (different place) next year?

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Results Are In!

And I picked "C"! 

The votes also favoured this fabric, although A was a close second! I went for the more gender neutral one, just because! 

To make the cushion cover, I basically just made a fitted sheet, but on a smaller scale. I also added velcro straps to go around each chair leg to hold the cushion in place. 

Helen approves too!

Thanks for voting everyone!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

(Another) Somebody Cute!

Johnny came for a visit last night. I am completely smitten with this little boy! I love being an Auntie!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quick Poll!

I built a restaurant style high chair for my favorite little girl to use when she comes over. I painted it a bright green (Limerick Trick from Cloverdale Paint) and now need to sew a cushion cover. I ordered 4 fabric swatches from and need your opinion as to which one I should go with! I really like two of the options, but what do you say??

Here is the green chair, with a cushion but no cover: (please forgive the poor quality cell phone photo!)

And here are the fabric options: (I only picked laminated samples since I figure this will need to be wipe-able!)

A  B  C  D

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Today is the last of my two-week summer holiday fun time. I am trying to enjoy every moment of it, as I know that alarm clock will ring tomorrow morning WAY before I am ready to go back to work!!

The past two weeks have been pretty fantastic! First I had some days at home and did a few little projects around home (I'll show you those in another post!) and then Hill & Mike were here for a few days, and then the four of us drove to Lethbridge to spend the weekend with mom & dad. Dan had to come home and work (somebody had to!) but I stayed the rest of the week and then last Thursday all 5 of us (H&M, mom & dad & me) got in a car and drove to Manitoba for JSD 2011!

Here are some photos from the family reunion! I had a great time family, it was fun to see you all!

Little girls & sidewalk chalk

cute baby cousin & Hillary

Time for a tube ride...

with Mike!