Thursday, June 30, 2011


So. That happened, and by that, I mean June 2011 Suckfest. (you all know what I am talking about I assume! If not, time to out yourself as a reader of this blog!!) I am hoping & praying that it's over, and am also hoping and praying for some sunshine, because man, my state of mind depends on it!

We still feel a little overwhelmed around here, and probably will feel that way until we can start getting our life back in order and feel a little more in control of...everything.

On top of that the sun just won't shine, and I have never felt this "down" in June before. I have diagnosed myself with SAD (jury is still out on whether or not that's true), and man, every task before me just feels gargantuan and impossible to finish, so why bother even starting? And it's summer! Sure, it's ok to be lazy and carefree in summer, but listless and just not caring? Not so much.

Well, Happy Canada Day tomorrow! Sorry this post is such a downer....the last couple weeks have just been that way!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Reveal!

Yesterday was Dan's 27th birthday. Remember when I mentioned that I had a super awesome project on the go for his birthday gift? Well, here it is!

I built him a leather & oak bench/side table!

I found basic plans for this project on Design Sponge and built it on my days off. Dan thought I bought him a line trimmer! I was scrambling around for leather to make the top, and was scouring craiglist, the rest of the internet and local shops to no avail. Then Dan's mom did a big cleanout of her sewing closet, and much to my delight, put in the giveaway pile some cutouts for a leather vest! I can only imagine who wanted a leather vest (cough Dave cough), but I think this leather looks much better as a table than as a vest!

Happy Birthday Dan!

(Also, see that chair that Dan is sitting on? I found it on craigslist, and have been thinking about painting the wood part a dark grey/charcoal colour, and replacing the lime green fabric with a red tone. I like the chair as it is, but I don't feel it really goes with the rest of our furniture. What say you?)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Trunk Full O' Plants!

I even got them all in the ground today!! Yay for me!
(I hope they all live...)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Report Card

 - We went with some friends to Loon Lake cabin on May long weekend. Games, food, movies, rain, campfire, fooseball, canoeing, puzzling (!), sleeping in...a great weekend! Thanks D&R for coming with us - we had a blast!

games & snacks!

Rachel making us lunch.
The rapture didn't happen.

Celebrating Dave's 26th birthday!!


- I bought two new chairs off of craigslist (it's an addiction). One is a wingback that really needs some TLC...I've been perusing to find some inspiration! Suggestions?

- Progress has been slow on the screen porch front. When it hasn't been raining, the Canucks have been playing, so my helper is preoccupied. (You'd be surprised at how time consuming it is to get a screen panel up there, measure one small part, take it down, pin it, sew it etc, then put it back up to check!) I am mostly done one side (of three), so am anticipating that the next two will go much faster, since I've now "made up" the pattern. Now we just need some sunny weather to enjoy our soon-to-be new outdoor room!

- We had the Wall fam over for a weenie roast on Sunday night. It was beautiful out, and we cooked up some tasty dogs on the fire. Helen & Johnnie were cute too! (Helen made up a new game called Steamroller. Here's how to play: Continuously ask "Unca Dan, you wanna steamroller?" and when he relents, make him lay on the grass at the top of the hill, and then push on him until he rolls down the hill. Endless hours minutes of fun!!)

- I can't wait to show you Dan's Secret Birthday Present!! Though I'd love to share it here now, I'll have to wait another 11 days to do so!

- Our 4th anniversary is next week. Where has the time gone?? We are thinking of doing a little overnight getaway, maybe to Harrison Hot Springs since Dan & I both have next weekend off (fingers crossed he still will next Friday).
oh look, an awkward photo of us!

- Go Canucks!!

just because she's cute!