Saturday, April 30, 2011

a little help from my friends....

A few projects around the house, that could not have been done without Doug & Elissa!

First up, cutlery organization! We ordered this wooden cutlery tray from Lee Valley, but did not have an adequate saw to make it fit in our drawer. Remedy? Make friends with someone who owns a table saw! Thanks Doug!


Second project: "Operation: Fancy up the Mudroom." I followed directions that Elissa posted and made myself some (five!) fixed Roman shades for the windows. I ordered my fabric online from and whipped up these puppies in no time. (Actual time was more like two weeks from start of first blind to hanging of last blind). My dad actually helped with this project too (when he was here earlier in the month) by doing some sawing and drilling for me, so thanks Dad!

Love that green chevron!


  1. Love it all! I do love a wooden cutlery divider. Classy. And great job on the romans! I do admire that you make your own blinds. I lack just about everything to do that myself. So, kudos! Great fabric choice. Do you have other green accents in your mudroom that prompted you to choose this fabric? We have also done some minor home improvements in terms of blinds, so I should post some pictures, I guess.

  2. YES! I love those blinds and I love being your friend :) You really took it to the next level with these ones... 5... seriously. Amazing!!

  3. Hillary8:52 AM

    You are amazing! Love the blinds, and also glad you have friends who can help you (we all need some of those!).