Saturday, April 30, 2011

a little help from my friends....

A few projects around the house, that could not have been done without Doug & Elissa!

First up, cutlery organization! We ordered this wooden cutlery tray from Lee Valley, but did not have an adequate saw to make it fit in our drawer. Remedy? Make friends with someone who owns a table saw! Thanks Doug!


Second project: "Operation: Fancy up the Mudroom." I followed directions that Elissa posted and made myself some (five!) fixed Roman shades for the windows. I ordered my fabric online from and whipped up these puppies in no time. (Actual time was more like two weeks from start of first blind to hanging of last blind). My dad actually helped with this project too (when he was here earlier in the month) by doing some sawing and drilling for me, so thanks Dad!

Love that green chevron!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in Edmonton

This past weekend I flew to Edmonton to meet up with two friends of mine from college. Christen made the journey all the way from Fort Smith NWT, and Shannon came from Winnipeg. We hadn't seen each other in YEARS (6, we decided!) and were definitely due for a get together. We had a great weekend catching up, shopping, eating, and of course reminiscing & laughing! Here's a few snapshots of our weekend!

Tickets in hand, waiting to go in to Boygroove (verdict: hilarious!)

In West Edmonton mall...

had to make a trip to Ikea!

Thanks for a fun weekend ladies! We should do it again sometime! (Hopefully before another 6 years goes by!)

Also, while in Edmonton, I spotted (and purchased) a print by Jason Blower. (I bought the Rossdale one). Love the colours and the style of his work! Just thought I would highlight his website here, and encourage you to visit it!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Timeline: Thirteen through Sixteen

(Zero through Five can be found here, Six through Twelve here.)

1998, age 13: Two of my closest friends from elementary school have gone to different junior highs. One of the girls I never see or hear from again. The other girl and I will resume our friendship in high school. Heidi and I are in the same class pattern. In Language Arts, we trade book reviews to hand in, cutting the required amount of reading and homework in half. I am the only girl in Mr. Sanduski's shop class.

1999, age 14: I have found a great group of girls to hang out with. We all go to the same church and school. The 4 of us start a small group that we call SPAM - support, prayer, accountability & mentoring. I don't know where we got mentoring from. Later, 3 other girls join our group. Breaks in the choir room at school often find us trying to convert our Mormon friends. After the summer, we stop our SPAM meetings. I start working in the school canteen at lunch the following year.

2000, age 15: I finish grade 9 with a terrible haircut. That summer, I am on LITE Force at camp. This experience changes me. At the end of the summer, I am left wondering if I will ever experience community like that again. I will. In September I join the student leadership team at youth. In October I am baptized.

2001, age 16: I get braces in January. I fail my drivers test twice, both times because of unsafe left turns. That summer, I go on a mission trip to build a house in Tijuana, Mexico. Our team drives in two 15 passenger vans. At the training week in LA, a guy from another youth group eats a red ant on a dare and has to go to the emergency room. Our group is the best at doing dishes cleanup at the training facility; we all know how to operate a commercial dishwasher thanks to the summer camp we've all worked at. I find community again in the girls on the mission team. When school starts, I get a job at IGA. I am among the first of my friends to work. I love the independance that a paycheck and a license affords me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This little pumpkin came over to lunch & play yesterday!

Love her to pieces!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I have been wearing Covergirl TruBlend Whipped foundation for the last several years, and now, it's like Natural Ice all over again!
(you have no idea how long it took me to find that natural ice blog post!!)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hockey Night In Abbotsford

Dan & I scored some free tickets to the second-to-last home game of the Abbotsford Heat 2010-11 Season. Although we arrived late (maybe on purpose???), it was a lot of fun, and even I would go again!! A fun and cheap ($7 total - had to buy pop & pocorn!) night out!

Pretty good cell phone camera portairt!!