Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Go Time

Every once in a while, I am struck with needing to DO stuff - clean, cook, catch up on projects, do everything all at once! It's pretty awesome - the energy just keeps coming (from I don't know where!) so I just keep on going!

In the last three days, I have:
- spray painted stacking stools for use in a later project (you'll see that, eventually!)
- done a big grocery shop
- baked Kentucky Butter Cake
- played with Helen and John (& visited with their parents)
- had company over (hi Brandon & Cayl!! You're on my blog!)
- cleaned the oven
- cut out fabric for 5 Roman Shades (you'll see those too eventually!)
- hung up photos & a mirror in our front entry
- done about 6 loads of laundry
- tried a new supper recipe
- cleaned (really cleaned, shower & all) the bathroom
- vacuumed the upstairs
- clipped waterspouts off the maple tree (truthfully Dan did this, but I was out there with him!)
- unpacked from our North American tour
- cleaned out the closet (had to make room for new clothes from Palm Springs!)
- cleaned out the pantry & kitchen

I still have a few things on my TO DO list:
- do some mending on clothes that aren't leaving my closet
- take a load to MCC
- sew & install Roman Shades
- take old paint to the place where old paint goes
- file our taxes (hello refund!)
- go price out a new kitchen sink (long story)
- put doors back on that armoir thing I bought 2 months ago and then blog about it

I have no illusions of getting this ALL done today, but I think I can make a good dent! I better not sit down for too long or else I'll loose some steam! I love productive days off, so, off I go!


  1. Yeah productive days! I love them too. They don't happen TOO often, so like you, I take advantage. I am mostly impressed with your shower cleaning. I hate doing that and avoid it as much as possible. Therefore, don't look too closely while showering in my tub. So good for you! On Saturday I had a very productive day as well. I: baked a double batch of pumpkin choco chip muffs, made a pizza crust, vacuumed and mopped everywhere, talked to my mom for 2 hours, talked to Amy for 1 hour, cleaned the bathroom, did 3 loads of laundry and took the Christmas lights off the back deck. Done and done!

  2. I love it. I'm totally inspired.
    Sidenote: I can't wait to see how your roman shades turn out!!! :) :)