Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come On In

Dan & I moved into our house on Christmas Eve, 2009. I can never remember that though, because Christmas and moving can be stressfull and busy enough on their own, let alone one day apart! All that to say, our house still feels new to us! While it is truly awesome to move into a brand new house where we've been lucky enough to pick the paint colours and flooring and fixtures, decorating a new house (for me) has been a bit of a challenge, because, a new house = new stuff, right??  Wrong! Well, kind of! We did buy some new couches, and a new dining table & chairs, and an area rug and...well yes, ok, we have purchased quite a few new things for our home since moving in. But I like to think I've taken my time with those purchased (they didn't all happen in at once!), and I also like to think that we're making our way to a collected, comfortable, elegant, design scheme.

So here is our front entry (a place to make "better" on my not new year's resolutions list):

(start of) Gallery wall & Mirror

Still need/want a different rug!

Since we come through the garage into our house, I don't have to function in this space everyday, but I still want it to be functional for guests and I want it to look pretty (since I do look at it everyday). I think it's coming along!!

Go Time

Every once in a while, I am struck with needing to DO stuff - clean, cook, catch up on projects, do everything all at once! It's pretty awesome - the energy just keeps coming (from I don't know where!) so I just keep on going!

In the last three days, I have:
- spray painted stacking stools for use in a later project (you'll see that, eventually!)
- done a big grocery shop
- baked Kentucky Butter Cake
- played with Helen and John (& visited with their parents)
- had company over (hi Brandon & Cayl!! You're on my blog!)
- cleaned the oven
- cut out fabric for 5 Roman Shades (you'll see those too eventually!)
- hung up photos & a mirror in our front entry
- done about 6 loads of laundry
- tried a new supper recipe
- cleaned (really cleaned, shower & all) the bathroom
- vacuumed the upstairs
- clipped waterspouts off the maple tree (truthfully Dan did this, but I was out there with him!)
- unpacked from our North American tour
- cleaned out the closet (had to make room for new clothes from Palm Springs!)
- cleaned out the pantry & kitchen

I still have a few things on my TO DO list:
- do some mending on clothes that aren't leaving my closet
- take a load to MCC
- sew & install Roman Shades
- take old paint to the place where old paint goes
- file our taxes (hello refund!)
- go price out a new kitchen sink (long story)
- put doors back on that armoir thing I bought 2 months ago and then blog about it

I have no illusions of getting this ALL done today, but I think I can make a good dent! I better not sit down for too long or else I'll loose some steam! I love productive days off, so, off I go!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some People* Call This a Milestone

I call it driving** home from work.

** I was clearly stopped. And already in our driveway!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Round 2

I remembered the sugar :)

A tip from me to you

When making farmer brownie, do not forget to add sugar - all 2 cups of it.

(luckily, I have enough time & ingredients to go for round 2...hopefully I don't mess it up again!)