Monday, November 29, 2010

Problem Solved: How to Water a Christmas Tree (also, check out our new couches!)

Tis the season for Christmas decorating! Dan & I ventured out to Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm on Saturday to pick out this year's tree. Since Saturday was the opening day of Christmas tree hunting season, we were pleasantly shocked to see only a few other vehicles parked at the gates. When the man handed us the bucksaw to cut our own, we confidently told him "We won't be needing that!" and wandered about 10 feet over to the pre-cut trees. We figure, why do the work that is already done for you? After about 5 minutes of looking around, we picked out our 7' Douglas Fir, paid for it and loaded it onto the hay truck that we borrowed for this adventure! (Admittedly, we didn't need a whole hay truck...we did get some strange looks from passersby while we placed a 7' Christmas tree on a 15' long flatbed truck!)
Here it is nicely decorated! It smells great too!

Also, a while ago we bought some new couches, as you can see from the above photo. We are quite happy with our olive green sofa and chair and a half!

Back to the Christmas tree: 

Every year I struggle with watering the dead-but-still-green tree. My usual way was to just use a pitcher from the kitchen and clean up the inevitable spills and falling needles as I wormed my way under the tree to get to the tree stand.  This year I had a moment of brilliance that would alleviate the mess, and the crawling.

Behold, our newest Christmas tree ornament:

This simplest of all kitchen tools, the funnel, is shoved into a piece of plastic hose that we found at the farm, which runs down the tree trunk, right into the tree stand!

Brilliant! I am quite proud of my idea! Feel free to steal it. All you need is a funnel, some plastic hose and a twist tie (to secure the top of the contraption to a nearby branch). Dan tested it all out and it works great. Can't wait until it's my turn to water the tree!


  1. Hillary2:30 PM

    Your house is gorgeous!!!
    And you are pretty brillant as thinking.

  2. Extremely smart! I love the funnel idea and I think I WILL steal it. I love the couches - your house is lovely. Good job decorating the tree - 7 feet, quite the beast!!

  3. I haven't seen your couches yet! They look great in your place! And love the tree watering idea-- look at you smartie pants!

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Nice tree Erica. Nice that you can get one so close to home. I hope you tied it lengthwise onto the truck.Love you
    Oh, nice couches too.