Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Oceans, One Week

The last few weeks around here have been both delightfully full of family and friends, and somewhat crazy with activity! It all started when my lovely friend Becky come to Vancouver. I met her and her cousin Laura downtown and we had a great day playing tourist!

We rented some awesome pink bikes and rode around Stanley Park, went to the Olympic Cauldron where we were interviewed for Global News, got some lunch, walked around Gastown and then up Granville. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy I got to see my friend!

I also touched the ocean, because the following week I would be looking at Atlantic salt water...more to come on that!

Dan also had a weekend off in there somewhere, so on another beautiful day, we decided to go to White Rock for lunch. Our original plan was to go to the states, but after hearing border line ups were about 2 hours, we opted for somewhere a little closer to home! So off it was to Uli's for lunch - we had crab cakes and baked brie....mmm, SO yummy!!

Later that afternoon, our friends Evan & Jen invited us to go on a corn maze adventure with them. Here's Dan telling us all where we should be going! (Actually, he's explaining something about dairy farming I think).

Can't have a blog post without a photo of Helen....

Now off to Halifax! I flew to Toronto first and spent a day with Hillary & Mike before us girls and Nikki took off to Josh & Leah's place. Despite having only one full day with H&M, we did manage to get in a shopping trip to Eaton's centre, some baking (a delicious pumpkin cheesecake!) and going out to eat twice!

After a Thursday that I am sure we would all like to forget spent in airports and planes, Hill, Nic & I were finally in the maritimes and ready to play and have fun with Josh & Leah. We had a great time together enjoying some sightseeing, eating delicious food, and freezing on the rocky coastline of Nova Scotia. I tried to touch the Atlantic ocean as well, but there just wasn't a good place to try to attempt it!


Waiting for our "truck boat" tour to start!

Peggy's Cove

Lobster supper at Hubbards!

Now cooking Thankgiving at Leah's

Josh made a pie!

I came home from Halifax (12 hours of travelling from Leah's door to mine) to an equally busy week. I started a new job on Wednesday at Nova Kitchens. (It's going good so far!) Then among Wall family get togethers and Thanksgiving celebrations, our house was used to host a rehearsal dinner for friends Jenn & Eddie (Jenn was one of my Briercrest roommates!) on Friday night. Saturday night was the wedding! Congrats guys!

I wonder if the next three weeks will be as fun filled as the last three??? I kind of hope so!
(All the Halifax photos can be found here!)


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Transcontinental excursions, good friends, good food. How cool is that? Thanks for the pictures
    Love you

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I have been waiting for some sort of report from your Eastern adventure! Thanks for sharing.....


  3. Great pictures, great writing! We had such a wonderful weekend together - thanks for coming! I'm glad your new job is starting out well - hope it gets better each day! Love you.

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Thank you so much Erica for posting and sharing. The pictures are lovely and bring a smile to my face. You are beautiful girls and boys!
    love you, mom

  5. What a fun trip... makes me wish I could head out east... preferably child free :) Hope you find some time to relax this next week!

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  7. sorry... the comment delete was me.

  8. what an adventure! too bad you couldn't have stopped in Mb too! We may not have any oceans but we've got some very pretty lakes! Miss you friend!